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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fighting With A Weak Signal

We're enjoying our stay here at Edwards AFB FamCamp.  The weather has been nice, the price per night very nice and the Internet signal, well, it has been acting weird. :c(

One minute, it works well and quickly, then without warning, it drops off and we can't get back on for hours.  Technology is amazing when it works and when it does not, it drives you crazy.  It didn't have to drive me too far...

Speaking of driving, we have driven around the base, or should we say we've been driving and driving and driving around this base and we haven't found the ends of it yet.  It is huge!

The runways and taxi aprons are all concrete.  Somebody made a fortune on that contract. 

There are lots of old jets up on display stands that were tested here.  It is an amazing, yet very dangerous process.  Inside the base chapel, there is a memorial listing all the test pilots that died here since the base opened , a 4'x8' sheet of plywood would just about cover all the columns of names, single spaced.  Very eye opening.

Down near the runways are two of the nation's newest unemployed.  Two white Boeing 747s, with special brackets on top of their fuselages.  They were used to carry the space shuttle back to Florida when it landed here due to bad weather over Cape Canaveral.  Now that the shuttle program has been canceled, they are sitting there with no mission.

We have been thrilled to be right near the base exchange and commissary.  We've gone through the Journey's cupboards and purged food items that have expired.  We kept the Journey stocked with many non-perishable items for our former weekend jaunts, but lots of these items never were used.  We tossed them and spent a pretty penny stocking back up, plus getting extra items for our stay at Quartzsite during the big RV Tent show.

The high desert is a nice change for us, its beauty is so enchanting, with the mountain ranges off in the distance gleaming with rays of sunlight and patches of snow.  We even saw our first wild coyote, it trotted across the road right in front of us.  Pretty cool.

Sorry if this post is a little boring and lacking pictures, but we'll soon be in an area where the Sprint aircard we're using will have better coverage.

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  1. That is shocking the number of test pilots that died. I guess I never fully appreciated the bravery involved in that job.

  2. I wondered what happened to you two. Hadn't seen a blog comment from you in quite a while. We're having a fine time here in Florida with Nancy and Bill and Gin and Syl and Howard and Linda. Lots of news too.

    But with a weak internet signal loading those blogs probably ain't happenin' Too bad for all of us who miss you wit!

  3. Not boring at all..your posts never are!! it is very shocking to realize the number of test pilots that died for sure...enjoy and stay safe.

  4. Many times, pictures are in the words. Your descriptions paint a great picture, so don't fret.

  5. you signal may be weak!..but at least the blog posted!!

  6. We certainly understand about purging the shelves and checking expiration dates. We've done that a few times. My motto is ... if in doubt, throw it out!

    We've got a nice big 39' space saved for you in "Q". Will that work? See you soon!!

  7. Glad to see your post and know all is well. We can't wait to read and see what you find in Quartsite!! We drove through it on our first fulltime go around, but never camped there.

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails...

  8. I still remember camping in Pismo when I was a kid, and seeing some of the test missles that they shot off. Amazing we could see them that far away.

  9. Thanks for the headsup on the Famcamp. We forgot about that base. We'll be going West for the next couple summers.

    Hope we see you this year.

  10. Not sure what you have for Internet, (haven't found a place where you describe your rig -- but might have missed it) but you may consider a directional antenna. there are some options that aren't terribly expensive. There are some Fulltimers who have blogged extensively on the subject.

    It's good to be reminded that there are things worth dying for.

    Cheers, Peter

    Away We Go

  11. "Technology is amazing when it works and when it does not, it drives you crazy."

    Certainly. Internet is just so central to daily routine now. Then again, part of our daily routine is to not settle for less. Which is why we are always wrapped up in a perennial act of purchase, heh. And in that, there isn't a lack of internet service providers out there to choose from, and give one the proper internet speed. Emphasis on 'speed'.

    Janette @ T Link Broadband