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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lost In Time

We've discovered an new phenomenon in life as full time RVers.  We're losing track not only of time, but what day of the week is it.  To combat this loss of days of the week, we had to get this remedy:

It actually works pretty well and has prevented us from showing up for a Sunday morning church service on Tuesday...

We took a trip to downtown San Diego and walked along the beautiful waterfront in the warm sun.  The sun felt so nice after all the cold weather we've experienced.  We were not the only ones enjoying the day, there were lots of people about, even kite flying.

We think they were kite flying, but it was so huge, it might have been a UFO coming in for a landing.

The waterfront has many lovely fountains and other enjoyable sights.  One statue is of a girl playing the violin while standing on a naked man.  In my efforts to keep this blog G rated, I cropped the photo so you wouldn't be afraid to show it to your mother.

San Diego is a Navy town, no mistaking it.  It has a large base and even its own aircraft carrier museum, the USS MIDWAY, its deck covered in various types of aircraft.  There is even a statue of the famous picture of the sailor kissing the nurse that was taken on the announcement that Japan had surrendered and World War II was over.

You can't miss this statue.

As a public service, I wanted to make sure this statue is safe for curious little boys to play around.

It is! ;c)

Next to the statue is a lovely tribute to Bob Hope, for all the years he entertained the troops overseas.

He was a wonderful supporter of the American GIs.  He put on shows starting in World War II and contiuned on through the many conflicts that followed.

I still miss him, truly a great American.

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  1. If this shows up twice I apologize. I either clicked on something I shouldn't have or what, I'm not sure, but my pithy comment seems to have vanished.
    What I was saying was, my oldest brother has been retired since the mid 80s and he's always said, "Every day is like Saturday!".
    Of course, that does get a little tired eventually, but I just humour him, and nod with a pathetic grin.
    I like the "clock" idea though. That's cool.

  2. I love that we lose track of what day it is. Love San Diego too!

  3. Envious of you in sunny, warm weather. It's 14 degrees here today..Have fun in SD!

  4. What an amazing statue of the sailor and the nurse. Huge!

  5. We have a Day Clock too. Love the huge statue. Looks like you're enjoying life for sure.

  6. You checked out the nurse, and I checked out the Jolly Green Giant. Does that say something about us? :)

  7. We definitely forget what day it is too. San Diego is a fantastic place to be. There's so much to see and so much to do.

  8. Glad your enjoying the sites and weather in San Diego. I like your day minder.

  9. We are always asking each other what day it is! And we usually don't even care :)

  10. My dad was in the Navy and we lived in San Diego a few years but left when I was 8 years old so I don't have any memories of the "sights", just neighborhood/kid stuff. When we finally get out that way it will be fun to get to know San Diego again. Good to know it's a nice place to visit!

  11. That day clock has been on our list of things to buy almost from day one of coming into this lifestyle...we still think we need it since many times we do not care what time it is but need to know what day it right now, we know it is January 19, 2012 and 10am but what the heck day is it?

    Hopefully will still be here when you guys arrive and you can let us know what day it is...

  12. I swear Paul, looking up the poor girl's skirt?? It's a wonder you didn't break your neck!! So true, the only difference between the men and the boys is the size and the cost of their toys! :-)

  13. Neat statue of the sailor and nurse! I'm sure parents of all those curious little boys are thanking you for checking it out. ;-)

  14. I don't know how that violinist can play with that hunky distraction! Love the giant WW II statue. Seems like I saw an interview on TV with that nurse not too long ago.