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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Visiting More Old Friends For The First Time

It's a different world, a secret society.  It almost requires special knowledge and secret handshakes.  Actually, this world is made up of people that have three things in common, an RV, a blog and a desire for travel and meet new "old" friends.

Okay, that's four things, but since we've retired, we're having a hard time keeping track of things, time, days of the week and where we are going next, let alone being able to count...

We started out the day with breakfast and a phone call to Sprint to cancel our aircard with them.  With three tries running through the Sprint phone tree to try a get a representative, we finally ended up with Peggy, then to Peggy II and finally Peggy the supervisor.

 They required me to answer a security question:  "What is the name of your elementary school".  Not hard, being that I was the only Paul Dahl that attended the Robert Erskine Elementary School in Ringwood, New Jersey.  I got the same answer from all three Peggys, "That is not the correct answer".

I still have my kindergarten picture in my Robert Erskine Elementary School yearbook to prove I was really there.  They didn't believe me.

To resolve the situation, I have to report to a Sprint store in Tucson, Arizona with three picture IDs, my birth certificate (original, not a copy), a U.S. passport and my social security card.  That probably will be enough to prove I am who I say I am.  You'd think I was trying to renew my drivers license or something.  :cO

One good thing about going to the Sprint store in person, if they still don't believe that I am the one and only Paul Dahl that attended the Robert Erskine Elementary School,  I'll have the satisfaction of reaching across the counter and grabbing the salesman by the tie to convince him that I did, in fact provide the correct answer.  ;c)

We got under way and headed out to Maricopa, Arizona to visit John and Brenda Brown.  One of the great things about the RV lifestyle is you get to know the nicest people, and John and Brenda are especially nice...they're Canadians! :c)

We had gotten to know each other via our RV blogs and comments on each other's blog.  They were a tremendous encouragement to us when we were so frustrated trying to sell our house and were one of the first folks to congratulate us when we finally hit the road full time.  They invited us to visit their "Dogpound South" ranch and this afternoon we pulled in to smiles and hugs from them.

We spent a lovely afternoon chatting on their porch and then over a delicious dinner Brenda cooked.  We felt like we've known them forever and when we finally retired to the Journey for the night (parked next to their house) we were glad to give our ribs a rest, they were sore from all the laughter.

Tomorrow they are taking us for a tour of some neat things in the area.  We're looking forward to more fun with our "old" new friends.  This RV life is agreeing with us. :c)

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  1. What fun!! Meeting Friends and Making Memories!!!

    Can't wait to get started on the journey:o))

  2. Very cool! The nice part of fulltiming..having friends all over the place!

  3. Are you sure you weren't talking to the South Dakota DMV??

  4. I'm guessing that it's Marti's elementary school they have listed. I try to use the correct answer depending on whose name the account is in, but sometimes I forget if it's him or me! :) Good luck with that!

  5. I guess that's how Sprint gets you to pay for a few more days. Nice trick don't you think? Let us know who they really think you are.

  6. Sounds like getting rid of sprint is like getting rid of AOL in days gone by.

    Sooo glad you are having so much fun. We are STILL home, getting place ready to list. Today, I have a helper for cleaning out one of the barns. You should have seen our trash fire yesterday!

  7. I guess thats the Idea, they make it so difficult to cancel, they hope you'll give up. Perservere my friend!!!

    We love meeting new folks, blogers or not, it's a great lifestyle.

  8. how exciting that your at DPS!!!!! someone needs to fire Peggy 1, 2 and 3....sadly we can't cure stupid..enjoy your time with JB and Brenda..:)

  9. hope you enjoy your stay at Dogpound South!!..nothing like meeting blogging buddies and already being friends!!

  10. Clearly, at this rate of absorption into the full time lifestyle, in a few months you will not remember your own name or where you went to school:)

  11. Sprint does sound eerily similar to the DMV.

    We agree that you meet the nicest people in your RV travels.