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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Riding The Apache Trail

It is embarrassing.  John and Brenda Brown at their Dogpound South Ranch have welcomed us with open arms and are happy to have us moochdocking on their property.

 We should have been paying big bucks for this opportunity to visit with them and the tour of some of the amazing sights along the Apache Trail that they've taken us on.

Our first stop was the campground located here, just outside of Phoenix, Arizona.

Not only is there a beautiful campground, the surrounding area is packed with stunning scenery.  A short hike placed Usery Mountain Regional Park on our "Must Visit" list...for an extended stay.

We headed out along the Apache Trail and were treated to amazing vistas, rugged mountains and incredible views of Mother Nature's handiwork.

Down the road was a little store with genuine Old West items, made in China.  One interesting thing they had on display on the wall was a collection of rifles that won the West.

They also had a collection of hats that the white man wore to celebrate winning the West.

Now the Indians are winning back the West from the white man, in their casinos, one nickel at a time. ;c)

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  1. haha..good laugh for this morning :) Nice area of the desert!

  2. Usery Mountain Park is one of our favorites!!

  3. Got to love those hats! Glad the two of you are having a great time with John and Brenda.

  4. glad you are having some fun at the famous Dogpound south!..and you even have internet that lets you load pictures!!!!

  5. Your getting this moochdocking thing down prety

    Some people say the desert is ugly, I say it has it's own beauty and I love it.

  6. We did the entire Apache Trail up to Lake Roosevelt and then came back to AJ via Globe. That's an exciting trip. Did you buy a hat? I think Paul would look really good in one of those.

  7. Looks like a beautiful place to stay and camp. If you're ever looking for campgrounds or things to do in the area, check out We are a website dedicated to the RV camping experience. We not only list campgrounds and points of interest, but we have RVs for sale, dealerships and community forums on the site. Come visit us, its only a click away!

  8. Always good to catch up with you Marti!! Miss ya tons and soooooo very glad you and Paul are having a wonderful life!!! Debbie

  9. Hope you picked up one of those hats Paul even if you haven't won the west just yet. I can't wait to see the pic of you in it.

  10. You have to try Usery. It is one of the all time best parks we have ever stayed at. We like it better every time. You are in the middle of desert nature and can be in civilization in 10 minutes.