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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Becoming A Puddle

It used to be: Another day, another dollar.  Now it seems to be: Another day, just like the day before.  And that's not too shabby. :c)

We're slowly adjusting to the slowed down life.  It's nice not to have an agenda, no rushing around, and best of stress.

Today was a do nothing day, just sitting outside in our lounge chairs, watching the fighter jets flying overhead, watching at the comings and goings at the FamCamp and having some wonderful home cooked meals.

In fact it was so relaxing, I'm not sure if I was taking a book or reading a nap.  Sort of being so relaxed, we're feeling like we're becoming a puddle.

We're here at the Lackland AFB FamCamp until Saturday, when we intend to pull out and head for Livingston, TX and visit the Escapee's Headquarters.  Marti is especially interested in seeing the Escapees CARE facilities.  Coming from a career in long term care, Marti is looking forward to seeing first hand how Escapees that no longer can travel due to age or illness are able to live comfortably at CARE in their own RVs.

So we have a two more days to soak up some sun, read some books and catch some stink bugs.  Yes Marti has gotten over her fear of them and has become quite the hunter.  We're still seeing a couple a day in the Journey, the warm weather has been bringing them out of their nook and cranny hiding places.

I'd better stop here and hand Marti a tissue, she's got a bead on one more stinkbug.

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  1. Word is not to kill stink bugs in your rig because they secreet an odor that will attract even more.

    Kathy and I used clear plastic containers to collect and suffacate them in. They don't try to get away and we've had upwards of twenty per container. At the end of the day we empty them into our blazing campfire to make sure they don't come back.

    It's about time.

  2. Way to go Marti. Get those bugs!!

    I'll be very interested in what Marti (and you too Paul) thinks about the SKP CARE facility.

  3. I am so glad you are slipping into your full time RV life so nicely.

    Really Paul did you have to show that ugly bug on here. YUCK.

    Take care and a big Hello to Marti

  4. Ick! Hate the stink bugs. Enjoy that sun while you can. We're going to send a few clouds your way.

  5. stink bugs? that is just plain ole nasty!

  6. Stink bugs. I'm amazed how they can continue to live...through the cold temps even. We find one at least once a week in Harvey. I was sitting on the recliner the other night, and felt something tickling my hair. I didn't feel anything there, so I ignored it..until it happened again. It was then I thought...stinkbug! Sure enough, I must have brushed him off, he was on the quilt that I have draped over the chair. Ugh!!

  7. Go get 'em Marti ... I had one slip inside my shirt collar once and it got smushed when I sat back in the car seat (yuck!).

  8. I love the sights and sounds of military jets flying overhead.

    I am also interested in Marti's opinion of the Care facility in Livingston.

  9. Oh no -- not more of those dreaded stinkbugs!!

  10. Days off are nice, relaxing and just enjoy the days, ahhhhhhhh

    If you do get board, check out the Air Force Security Police museum on base, it should be right up your alley.

  11. Those little stinkers!

    I am not a robot! Have you considered taking off the word verification? It's just awful to figure out.

  12. I can just picture Marti with her hunting clothes on, sneaking up on a stink bug. WHAP! Ahhh, another caught in the treasured tissue trap of Marti the magnificent! You go girl!

  13. great day other than the stink bugs..don't think we've run into any of them yet..thankfully...keep on practising the retirement thing...your definitely getting the hang of it....we are just starting to slow it down too..after almost 8 mos...