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Friday, February 3, 2012

Agave Gulch FamCamp

It was a terrible day's drive this morning, from Lazydays RV Campground to the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base Agave Gulch FamCamp, all 7.6 miles of it.  Not quite the record held by Sherry, but nothing short of amazing for us.

The FamCamp is in Tucson, AZ and is one of the top FamCamps in the entire military campground system.  It is very popular and remains full almost all the way through the winter season.  Retired military snowbirds and fulltimers (that means us!) take advantage of it.

They have a rotational system.  When you arrive you are put into the no hook up dry camp area and go on a waiting list.

Our dry camp site is huge, even though it's gravel, it is very nice.  We'll almost be sad to leave it for a FHU site.  That should be tomorrow.  The FamCamp inventories how many FHU sites will be open every day.  Dry campers go on a waiting list and most of those on a list will get the next available site in order of who checked in first.  We took a look around at tomorrow's sites and they all look great.

We walked around the campground and Marti enjoyed looking at the plant life.  She'd love to take this one along with us.

The interesting thing is the campground is right next to the military aircraft storage facility, nicknamed "The Boneyard".


Yesterday's pictures were of the engine of a A-10 Thunderbolt (aka "Warthog") that was being scrapped.  The second picture was of one of the recycling plants that recycles scrapped aircraft into reusable materials.

There are different levels of storage.  The first level is of excess aircraft that are in flyable condition like the picture above of the wrapped helicopters.  Sometimes when military units are downsized, the equipment goes into storage until it is needed and then put back into operation.  Sometimes the aircraft have been upgraded with new models so the older ones are stored to be kept in reserve for reuse or sale to other countries.  They are wrapped to protect them from the elements, this base is an excellent place to store aircraft because the it is so dry.

Other aircraft fall into the another level where they are stripped for spare parts to keep the operational aircraft flying.

Then there is the category where the aircraft are so obsolete or seriously damaged they are scrapped for recycling like this old B-52.

We are going to take a tour of "The Boneyard" this weekend, should be some interesting pictures.  Stay tuned.

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  1. We love, love, love the Agave Gulch Famcamp. There's a lot to do around there and just a great place to stay. Enjoy yourselves!

  2. I've always wanted to have a look around that place so I will be waiting for the pics.

  3. Agave Gulch - sounds like it could be a sweet hole to fall into :-)

    Sorry you had to go so far to get there.

  4. Jeri and Terry got us in that campground and it was wonderful. The boneyard is really something else.

  5. you must be just exhausted from that long drive today!!!.be sure to rest up so you can enjoy the 'boneyard' tomorrow!!

  6. Too bad you don't have a hot tub to soak your aching bones after the LONG trip;o)))

  7. Good to know the dry camp sites are so nice; have fun with the tour. Years ago - too many to count - we went on a tour of the Boneyard, but I've heard they do a more extended tour now.

  8. The boneyard tour is sure to be interesting. The old B52 reminds me of our days on Guam watching them fly off loaded with bombs heading to Viet Nam.

  9. We love the Aircraft Boneyards where ever the be ~ Looks like a GREAT place to visit!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  10. Glad you'll get into the FHU site, figured it would be a much longer wait. Enjoy!!!

  11. I know JB has always wanted to see that grave yard. Not me so much. My dad was a aircraft mechanic and i had my fill of all airplanes when I was a teenager. Big or little not so much for me lol.

    Take Care

  12. I love looking at old planes..what an experience that would be. George wants to come along :)