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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Yellow Rose Of Texas

We've been quite taken with all the different kinds of plants, trees and cacti in Texas.  We've had lots of fun photographing and identifying the flora with our Audubon Guide book, well spent money.

At the Saddleback RV Park in Balmora, TX, they have beautiful desert plants all around the park.

Some Beavertail Cactus,


Even wild cotton.

We pulled out and headed for San Antonio.  It was going to be a long day's drive, over 350 miles.  We decided to do a marathon day and after arriving at our destination, Lackland Air Force Base FamCamp, we'd stay put for four or five days.

While we drove, we enjoyed the scenery of West Texas.  They were not kidding when they said everything in bigger in Texas.  It is a huge state to drive through.  So to make our trip more interesting, we kept our eyes peeled (or shredded, as little Owie says) for the Yellow Rose of Texas.  While we were driving, that song came over our XM radio.  Too funny.

We never did find a yellow rose anywhere, but we did find a strange tree that we saw all over the place.  Searching all the pages in the Audubon guide book didn't give us any idea of what kind of tree is was.  We're baffled.

We landed in the FamCamp and we're all hooked up for some rest and fun.  Going to do the River Walk and the Alamo, for starters. 

 It's a tough life we're living, but we're certainly enjoying it.  :c)


  1. We had a blast while visiting San Antonio...the River Walk was one of our favorites but so was visiting Gruene (pronounced Green), a small quaint wonderful little town.

    Safe travels and keep having fun!

  2. I think there are yellow roses in Texas. You just might have to hang around long enough until the right season for them arrives.

  3. You are making me tired with these long drives!

  4. We had to just drive through San Antonio in November, but maybe next time we will be able to stay and smell the (yellow) roses, see the Alamo and the Riverwalk.

    Mike and Dee

  5. Oh the memories, I went through basic training (in August) at Lackland AFB. Spent two years stationed at Randolph AFB just outside San Antonio. That was almost 45 years ago...can't wait to see how the city has changed!!!

  6. Mui's memories of Lackland are of basic training ... hmmm! I wonder if he's going to want to stay elsewhere when we get to the area?

  7. Enjoy San Antonio, It is a great city. See the missions and try out the new bike trail along the river walk.

  8. 4-5 whole days? I bet you'll get hitch-itch before then. :)

  9. George & I are flying to Houston in May to visit his brother. We thought about driving over to San Antonio, a 3 hour drive, to stay overnight. It would rush our vacation we'll save it for when we're in the RV. Lots to do & see in TX!

  10. When driving through west Texas, I count road kill. It's about the only thing to do. :)

  11. Great scenery.. not so sure about them strange trees though!

  12. I agree with Kimberly and Jerry - Gruene is a great place to visit. It was so cold when we were in San Antonio that I almost froze to death on the river walk. I really want to go back when the weather is better. Enjoy!

  13. We stayed at Saddlemountain Thursday night... is that the night you were there? I thought that place was great... especially at PA $10. We too are headed East further into Texas, but we are taking our time. We wanted to visit Fredericksburg and Bandera, so we are staying outside of Kerrville for a few days. Then we will move over toward New Braunfels, where we will also visit San Antonio, Austin, Gruene. Perhaps we will meet up somewhere someday.

  14. I like the look of those yellow roses. Wonder where in Texas you'd have to go and when to see them up close and personal and alive.

    Not so crazy about that ugly tree picture that was next.

    Glad you are having fun!

  15. That strange tree is the "Texas Tea" tree. Don't drink the "tea" though. :)

    We're looking forward to your San Antonio reports. We'll be there in April to check out the area.

    Keep enjoying that "tough" life of yours.

  16. butterbean carpenterFebruary 12, 2012 at 3:19 PM

    Howdy M&P,
    Yes there are yellow roses in Texas,(check out HEB stores)!!Nick Russell of the Gypsy Journal, recommends the Saddleback Park(NOT FRILLY, BUT NICE, CLEAN & Cheap!! San Antone is way too much traffic for me, I stay 100 miles from I-35, in all direction
    except crossing routes. Worst road in the state.. Those terrible looking trees look awfully good to the folks getting the ROYALTY CHECKS!
    Judy Bell(I luv her) and all of the others that knock THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS just don't LOOK IN THE RIGHT AREAS,don't look down all of the time LOOK UP AT THE STARS!!!
    I wished I'd followed y'all closer
    y'all could have stopped by the
    RunningStar Ranch and had a cup of hot coffee!! Come back by!!

  17. Hi Paul,
    Good to hear from you. I can tell you're enjoying yourself with the plant identifying and all. My brother and his wife were in San Antonio a week or so ago as my nephew finished basic training (Air Force) and they were there to see him graduate. I would have loved to have been there too. Have fun then and keep enjoying! Take care, Levonne

  18. West Texas is a bit empty:) Bit some of the near ghost towns are a hoot. Enjoy the Alamo:)

  19. WOW!!! I did my basic training at Lackland in 1958!!!

    We head out to San Antonio on may 1 for a week! WOO-HOO

  20. Dang I like them kinda trees, they pay my pension and keep the engine in my truck pulling my horses down the road.

    Enjoy the Riverwalk. When we were at the Alamo a guide there told us that if it had a back door today we would be standing in Mexico.