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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Are There Hot Tubs In Heaven?

There surely must be hot tubs in the other place...maybe a little too hot?

We spent our first night at the Lazydays campground in Tucson, staying up a little too late (we're becoming serious night owls) and sleeping in a little to late to fly with the eagles in the morning.

But hey, we're retired, so we can do these things if we want to, right?

The campground is very nice, the amenities are super, from a large laundromat, to a fitness room (to make you feel guilty), even an on site restaurant and free WiFi (figures now that we have a Verizon MiFi). The sites are immaculate, the roads are paved and smooth, the shrubbery is perfectly cut.

Not only is Camping World here, but a huge RV repair facility and RV showroom/lot.  If you don't like the RVs for sale at the Lazydays dealership, you can go across or down the street to several other dealerships carrying other brands. Kind of like an RV Mall.

They do offer club discounts too, we got $5 per night off with our Good Sam membership.  The nightly price is reasonably on par with many upscale campgrounds out West or run of the mill campgrounds in the East.

Marti is fascinated with the cactus and other desert plants that grow out here in Arizona.  She bought a guide book to help her identify what they are.  She and Brenda Brown were using it the other day when we drove along the Apache Trail.

Now she has fallen in love with the greenery and has me stop the car so she can run and take pictures of the plants to post on her Facebook account to show to all her friends back East.

Tomorrow we're pulling out of this campground and heading over to the Famcamp at Davis-Monthan AFB.  We're going to stay through Monday night, then hit the road heading into New Mexico.

We ran around today and did a couple of errands, including picking up a big box of mail from the post office and visiting the Sprint store.  No, I did not have to grab the salesman's tie to get help (he wasn't wearing one anyway).  The salesman was very helpful and even told me the answer to the security question Sprint had on my account:  "What was the name of your elementary school".  Answer on file: "Elementary School".  Believe it or not, I was speechless...  :cO

Back at the campground, the hot tub felt heavenly.  We soaked and soaked some more.  Now if they could just put one in an RV, that would be a floorplan I'd be very interested in. ;c)

We have some plans of things we're going to do over the next few days beside watch the Super Bowl (We have to watch this one, Marti's from Massachusetts and I'm from New Jersey.  No matter who wins, one of us isn't going to be very talkative to the other).

A preview of one thing we're going to do:

Here's a little hint:

Any guesses?

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  1. Sounds like a really nice campground. Enjoy that hot tub!

  2. I believe they do make inflatable hot tubs....

    Just don't want to see you paddling it down the river ;o))

  3. I can think of a lot of things you might do, but that hint doesn't fit any of them :-) Looking forward to the stories.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Ok, lemme try this again. I first said..Mmm, hot tubs in campground, has to be in my 'must have' list. Then I said I was trying to guess the pictures..first one looked like a part of a plane, and the second one had horses in it, so I wasn't sure. So I thought I posted didn't show up, so I said "I blew up the picture, there aren't any horses in the shot..***sigh***, so then I looked and deleted the first..oh never mind ;-)

  6. Going to visit the Aircraft graveyard?

  7. That campground does sound heavenly!! :) I don't have any idea where you're heading, but looking forward to reading all about it. :)

  8. Looks like a shot at the first Jet powered RV. Just be careful about letting those junkyard boys install that engine

  9. Bill and Nancy are correct about Inflatable hot-tubs.

    The people that work at outlets for most of the wireless phone companies are trained to be more personable and have better people skills than their counter-parts who only get to stare at computer monitors all day.

    I do agree with the comments about the Aircraft Grave Yard, but would be curious to see a Jet Powered RV flying past a radar trap on the Interstate. Imagine the look on the troopers face.LOL!

    It's about time.

  10. Bring your show boots - we got 5" last nite - but it will melt in a few days!

  11. just gotta love campgrounds that have hot tubs :) visiting a junk yard??? looking forward to hearing about this future endeavour...:)

  12. Hey, hey, hey! Here's a nice concept for a hot tub especially made for an RV: A roof deck solar powered/battery charged hot tub! What do you think? You can enjoy sunbathing and lounging too (as long as the sun's not scorching hot). I tell you, it's a romantic experience to feel the bubbles tickle you while enjoying a warm evening under the stars...

  13. Will you be looking for gems?

  14. Reminds me of the security question I couldn't remember my answer to. It was 'In what city did you meet your spouse?' Being the security paranoid that I am, I had answered 'college'. Finally figured it out after trying everything else.