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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Escapees Headquarters And CARE Center

 A few views of the Escapees Headquarters in Livingston, Texas.

The campground office. Be forewarned, they give you hugs checking in and checking out.

Our site, typical of the campground sites, gravel, level and outlined with foot high PVC pipe.  Sites include metered electric.  We used about $2.30 of electric a day.  Of course, it would be much more in July, running your A/C.  We didn't use the restrooms or showers.  WiFi is available for a reasonable fee.

The National Headquarters building.  We were not there when they were giving tours. :c(

The Clubhouse 

The Activities Center, with a pool (but no hot tub!)

The dry camping area, where you can dry camp for $5 a day for up to 21 days.  They are not too picky with the age or type of RV you have.

The deeded lot area.  All kinds of structures are on the deeded lots, from the simple, to units with covered ports and small rooms,

to full houses.  We saw four or five that were for sale.

The CARE center building.

Across the street from the CARE center building are the lots where the residents using the CARE center live in their own RVs. (We didn't take any pictures of the inside of the building out of respect for the privacy of the people inside).

Marti here:

The CARE center, as you may know, is an Adult Day Care center.  Meaning they provide day services only, nothing overnight.  As Paul mentioned, there are about a dozen sites across the road from the center, for those that use it, allowing them to sleep in their own RV bed at night.  

The building is a good size, the offices are on the left and on the right is a huge dining room.  This doubles as a large activity room.  We were welcomed by a smiling volunteer, who gave us an impromptu tour of the facility.   Typically, tours are given Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays - but because this was a holiday Monday, the regular "tour guide" aka Activity Director, was off for the day.  

The atmosphere was calm, relaxed and the clients were happy.  There was a couple celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary, and another gentleman napping in a lounge chair in the dining room, that was gaily decorated for Mardi Gras.  

They offer three meals a day - breakfast is continental (cereal, pastry), lunch is large hot meal and dinner is a light meal - ie: soup and sandwiches.  There is a nurse on duty five days a week (RN on M,W,F and LPN on T, Th), as well as doctors who will come to the facility if needed.  

At the end of the hall, there is a large room - a group of folks were there playing BINGO. There was also a "living room" area with couches and a TV, as well as an area set up for entertainment/church, a library and reading area.  Overall, this is a great set up, well laid out and roomy..  

Volunteers are a critical component, as there are minimal staff members on the payroll. (By the way, they need volunteers in the summer months!)  There is also a fenced in garden area, making it safe for wanderers.  They provide transportation to doctor visits, as well as trips shopping and for special entertainment/shows.  The clients are also able to participate in any activities that are offered at the campground. 

 The cost is a flat fee - ~$850 for singles and ~$1250 for couples per month.  There is a local home health agency for folks that are ill, and can't leave their home.  (This would be for an acute, short term illness)  Locally, there is a hospital, three Nursing/rehab centers, and an Assisted Living facility. 

 Overall, this is an excellent option for folks that really shouldn't be alone all day, or need assistance with meals etc.  The clients need to be independent with eating, toileting etc, as is with most adult day care centers.  Paul was impressed with the cleanliness,  the nice atmosphere of the building, and it is obviously well maintained. The furnishings, carpet etc were, if not new, in excellent condition.  

What a wonderful option for RVers no longer able to travel, yet want to continue to live in their RV... and what a great opportunity to give back, by volunteering with folks that you already have a common bond with! 

For more information on Escapees CARE, click here.  If you have further questions, email Marti at

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  1. Very nice information. I had no idea what the CARE facility involved. Thanks for letting me know,

  2. Very nicely done! It gives folks who haven't been to Livingston an idea of what is there. This is great for folks who need something like this and at a reasonable price.

  3. Great explanation of CARE. Thank you. And the pictures really help put it all in perspective.

  4. We have heard so many great things about this place. How wonderful to see it and hear about it your own words! i told our kids they don't have to worry about us in our old age.. we are going here!!!!

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  11. LOL @ Karen..I've was like that when I got the new mac...didn't think my pic were uploading it was so fast I had ea pic a dozen times...
    Great info Marti..thanks for sharing..nice to hear it all first hand...

  12. I have always included CARE in my hanging up the keys plans, and have visited there. I appreciate the review by a professional in the field. Thanks!

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  14. Thanks for the great info. I always wondered about the CARE facility.

  15. Seems like a good option for those who want to continue to live in their RVs after they get to a point when they need more daily attention.

  16. I think that this is such a great idea. So good that there is something out there for us full timers.

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    Okay Marti....would YOU go there?

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    Great info!!! If you like it, it means a lot since you've been in that field.