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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Catching Dreams

We left Tucson this morning (sniff) and headed East.  It was another one of those annoying warm, sunny days, it seems that is all they get in Tucson.  ;c)

Nothing interesting done today except travel on down the road to the Escapees Dreamcatcher RV Park in Deming, NM.  219 miles.  A good day's drive, we're liking these short jaunts.

Like a good boy, I pulled off the road at one of the touristy (trap) places so Marti could stretch her legs, go inside and look at all the little shiny stuff.  I  took a nap.  It was a perfect shopping experience, Marti didn't have me tagging along, sighing and rolling my eyes and I caught some ZZZs.

The Dreamcatcher park is nothing special, it does have smooth, large and level sites.  But for $12.50 a night (plus electric) you can't complain.  It is right off the highway and a great overnight stop. If we stopped at Walmart, it would cost me waaay more than that.  Our next destination is Alamogordo, NM.  We want to see the White Sands NP.  We've blown by it a couple of times in the past and didn't have the time to stop, so we're making the time this go around.

We are pretty pleased with the new Verizon MiFi, but my laptop is not working well.  I can connect to the Internet, but cannot open any further links. Did a disc cleanup and deleted all the cookies, all to no avail.  It has been pretty frustrating and as soon as I can get it in to a repair place, the better.  Fortunately, Marti's laptop works well, so I am borrowing it (when she's not looking).

It's nice to have such minor problems to deal with, but that's the retired life.  Hope we find more interesting things to do over the next few days.  :c)

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  1. Paul you should know that life itself and will always surprise the heck out of us around every curve.

    It's about time.

  2. The Deming SKP park is in a good location. It's right where you need it and much, much cheaper than Walmart. They say Walmart is free but I agree with you. It's not. It's one of the most expensive overnight places we stop at. The sad thing is we know it's expensive but we still keep on stopping there.

  3. Hi Guys remember me... selling your house idea girl:) We are in Skyline RV Resort Queen Creek AZ 400 a month including electric. The only problem is it is far well 8 miles from stores and 18 miles post office. We are leaving here and going to check out southern California. We hope to find some things to do there till it is warm enough to go to Sedona in April 1. There is a park in Sedona that is 399. a month include electric they say there is a shuttle to everywhere and they have jeep rides you can take and other stuff fingers cross.
    I am on Google+ KM Othus had to give up the blog too much work so just do G+ now. Glad you all are doing so good. If you want up dates to what we are doing just tell me and I will add you to the list.

  4. IMHO, the LOWS park four miles away is much quieter than Dreamcatcher, and allows brief stays for non-solos. No nearby interstate, and no trains! :)

  5. We stayed at the LOWs park in question as non singles and they treated us very well. So glad I could support Judy's comment:))

  6. We have enjoyed staying at the SKP Dreamcatcher Park. South about 30 miles is Columbus, NM, Pancho Villa SP, then a three mile drive to the border, walk across about a block to the Pink Store, great fun. Also while at White Sands, be sure to rent a sled at the VC Gift Shop and go sledding in the dunes. We did and had a blast and a few spills. In Alamagordo, also stop at Heart of the Desert Pistashios, see them growing out back and then see them processed, plus free samples and another Gift Shop. Sorry Paul about mentioning the Gift Shops, that info is for Marti! :)

  7. if your computer troubles are the only ones you have I would have to venture to guess that life is pretty darn good for you both!!..cheers Marti for shopping for the 'shiny stuff'

  8. Are you going to hit Albuquerque? The Sandia peak is a great place for views!

  9. Sorry to hear about your laptop troubles. weren't these things supposed to make our lives easier rather than more difficult??

  10. Paul you have to love those shopping trips.

  11. What? Only an overnight in my hometown. Next time stay a couple nights and if you are bored we can use a good diesel mechanic on the farm :)
    I hope you ate some Mexican food.

  12. Hope you get your laptop figured out. I HATE sharing a laptop with Steveio.

    Steve and Karen
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