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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Social Butterflies

We've discovered there are two parts to fulltime RV travel, both equally interesting and fun.  One part is the travel itself, the beautiful scenery, the fascinating places to visit, the weather, the food.

The other is the people you meet.  Fellow RVers, fellow bloggers, all sharing the lifestyle with one another.

Since we've been here in Pensacola, Florida, we've had the pleasure of meeting three wonderful RV couples, and enjoyed great meals with them.

The first was Chuck and Anneke.  A great lunch and great conversation.  Can it get any better than that?

Well, it did get better.  The next day, we had another great lunch with fellow RV bloggers Paul and Mary...and Chuck and Anneke.  More fun, laughter and great conversation.  The food was quite tasty, too.

Just when we thought there were not any other RV bloggers left to meet, we met Elaine and Rick, Canadians, even (Eh!) and had another several hours long meal full of fun, laughter and shared stories.

Fortunately I had time to take a break with all this socializing and see another great museum (sans Marti).  But that's for the next post.

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  1. you are indeed the social butterflies and it seems to me that you are very high on everyone's social calendar list!!!

  2. Seems like all the bloggers are in FL! Glad you are meeting up with them..sounds like a great time :)

  3. The socializing is definitely and important part of being an RVer. It seems you are fast learners.

  4. We met Elaine and Rick when we were RV'ing through New Brunswick. It is a small RV'ing world sometimes!

  5. It was indeed fun! I never thought of myself as a social butterfly, so yet another advantage to this lifestyle:)

  6. The people you meet along the way are one of the best things about the lifestyle!

  7. Nice to see you guys are having such a great time. Always nice to meet up with blogging friends.

  8. It was great to meet you both and see Chuck and Anneka again. Thanks for the fun afternoon! We look forward to seeing you again down the road. Meanwhile, safe travels!