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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

San Antonio Riverwalk

Last night as we were slowly winding down and just about to head to bed with heavy eyes, we got a second wind, courtesy of the U.S. Air Force.

About a dozen of the heavy cargo aircraft that are stationed here went roaring right over our heads, shaking the Journey's windows and the fillings in my teeth.  Evidently the runway they used went right over the FamCamp.  They flew so low I was afraid to look at the roof this morning, I was sure I'd find tire marks from a C-5 Galaxy airplane.  Just another bonus staying on military bases, you get to see air power...up close and personal.  :c)

With sunny skies and warm temperatures, we headed in to downtown San Antonio to see the Riverwalk and the Alamo.  The Riverwalk was just as beautiful as I remembered it (I was here for a conference about five or six years ago).  Marti was enthralled with all the beauty.

Plying the waters are these tour boats, decorated with...what else?  Yellow Texas Roses.

We took a ride on one of the boats, they go all around the Riverwalk and you get a good idea of the area and sights. 

Some of the bridges are really low, no standing up in the boat.

We ate lunch at one of the many restaurants along the Riverwalk, under one of the brightly colored umbrellas.  This eatery uses a unique way of cleaning the tables after patrons have finished their meals.

We walked a couple of blocks over to the Alamo.  You can't take any pictures inside the grounds, Texans view the Alamo as hallowed ground.  In 1836, 136 Texas patriots fought for Texas Independence against over 6000 Mexican soldiers.  The Texans held off the Mexicans for a number of days but were eventually overwhelmed and wiped out to the last man.  The story doesn't end there though, because within weeks, other Texans defeated the Mexican army at the nearby battle of San Jacinto, winning Independence.  The Alamo's defenders didn't die in vain.

A very moving site, well worth the visit.

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  1. We've visited the Alamo several times. It is definitely a site worth the visit.

    We rocked and rolled last night too but it was the wind and had nothing to do with the jets overhead.

  2. I love all the colorful umbrellas along the riverwalk. And I agree, the Alamo is well worth visiting.

  3. the riverwalk looks very all the coloured umbrellas..seems like it would be a great place to stop and have an afternoon glass of wine!..oh to be retired!

  4. Nice to picture you two having a vacation day in a beautiful setting.

  5. Staying near the flightline can certainly be an "experience" ... at least we were in a concrete bunker normally allocated to pilots (no room at the inn, so to speak) when we arrived at Hill AFB for Mui's assignment in March 1983.

  6. We can't wait to see that area of Texas. I've heard so many good things about it.

  7. Don't go to big cities as a rule or little cities for that matter. But since I've had to make an exception for Tampa, I just might make one for San Antonio too.

    Glad to see you two are having such fun! Well excepting the jets that is.

  8. Sounds as if you guys are enjoying the area as much as we did a few years back.

    Have fun and be careful of those tire marks...we are currently staying in Bullhead City and several times a day we feel the ground move from an airplane departing but never as much as we felt as when we were staying at the Las Vegas Speedway and Nellis Air Force Base adjacent...wake up calls all through the day and night...not so good vibrations!

  9. The Riverwalk is one of my favorite places.

    If you make it back down there, Dirty Nellies Irish Pub is just too much fun.

  10. We roll into San Antonio on 5/4 for a week and then head out to S. Carolina for another week. Hope to get a lot of plein air painting done in SC!

  11. We're looking forward to touring the Riverwalk and Alamo this spring.