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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Empty West Texas?

We ate breakfast this morning while listening to the sounds of freedom, fighter jets from Holloman AFB taking off and flying overhead.  Even though I've hung up my military career, it's very comforting to know that other brave men and woman have stepped up to the challenge of protecting our country and our freedom.

We did a drive by of White Sands National Monument and then headed south toward El Paso, TX.  Entering Texas we started looking for all the emptiness I've heard people talk about.  El Paso surely is not an empty place by any means, it's more like a full plate of insane drivers.  Or maybe we've been lost in the desert too long.

Getting through El Paso we did finally get to the empty part of Texas. We didn't find empty wastelands, instead we found different kinds of beauty.  Mountains in the distance with sunlight and clouds playing over them.  Sweeping views of wide open plains, covered with brush and Soap Yucca plants, which look like something out of a Dr Suess book.

We ended the day at Saddleback Mountain RV Park, about mid way between El Paso and San Antonio.  Another Passport America Park, we sure do appreciate the savings we've gotten with our membership.  We'll be here for two days chillin' and relaxing.  I've got a bunch of books loaded on my Kindle and so does Marti on her Kindle.  Yep, we had to buy another one to keep from fighting over the first one.

The campground is right off I-10 and even if it doesn't have all the bells and whistles (and hot tubs), you can see lots of care and attention have gone into it, it's clean and neat and even had cacti all around for Marti's enjoyment.  :c)

We've reached another milestone, tonight's post is our 500th since we started our blog in April 2010, documenting our journey to travel full time and then our new life on the road.  I want to reach back to our very first post which tells our story of how we came to fall in love with travel by RV.  Hope you enjoy a post from the past.

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  1. Marti, there is a short nature trail to your west if you have time.

  2. El Paso is certainly a busy little town. The times we've traveled through it we've always been thankful we made it safely.

    There is so much beauty all across America. It's cactus in some areas and roses in others. Enjoy!

  3. Haha, I always thought those cactus looked like the characters out of Dr Seuss too :) We are anxious to get to the of my favorite parts of the country..

  4. Go check out Balmorhea State park very cool natural spring.

  5. oh I am so glad you still have cactus for Marti. I am sure that book she bought is coming in handy.

    Have fun my friends.


  6. Looks like you are moving right along. But better not go too far east or your'll run out of cactus for Marti.

  7. We'll get to the desert at some time but I'm afraid that I will miss the color green. BTW, I've read all 500 posts and think that you have a great sense of humor and use plain English on your technical posts. Thanks for doing a great blog!

  8. We too had also heard the same thing about Texas, but we have always thought the ride was spectacular...except the jaunt through El Paso. We always try to make it through around 10am to avoid some of the rush, doesn't always work but we never plan a stop anywhere around that city...just a white knuckle drive through!

  9. I can't believe your at 500 blog posts. I too have read them all. Thanks for keeping them going. You'll find yourself going back for reference a lot during the travels. It's CRS, and will ask where was that? What did I do there? lol

    Have fun, we're still following every word.

  10. Happy blogaversary. I find it interesting that you are not interested in bookdocking and I really do not enjoy having neighbors. I guess that's the difference between living in the crowded city hubub and the quiet of the country. BUT, I'll take a pedi and mani any day.