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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Twists, Turns and Sore Jaws

A nice night, made even nicer with a Passport America discount gave us a great rest.  We awoke to the sun shining through the wispy fog shrouding the mountains. 

I did the "blue" outside jobs while Marti took care of the "pink" inside jobs.  We pulled out and waved goodbye to our neighbor.

Out to the coast driving South along Oregon Route 101.

The views along the road were amazing, our jaws kept dropping around every turn.

From "haystacks",

to breaking surf,

beautiful rivers,

and scenic pull offs where we stopped to take pictures.

We slipped up today and drove 200 miles, it was a pretty ride, but it was also very tiring.  All the twists and turns along narrow roads combined with the up hills and down hills, they just wore me out.  We decided to find a campground and hole up for the weekend.  A nearby campground had a great Passport America rate, so we've landed to rest up a while. 

We'll do a little exploring around the area in the Element, maybe even check out the Seven Feathers Casino about 30 miles down the road.  The heck with the gambling, it's all about the buffets!

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  1. Beautiful pictures. A part of the world that we have yet to see.

  2. it is indeed a breathtaking drive!..enjoy it!..there are so many places to stop and admire the views along the way!!

  3. Haven't done the OR coast yet, but it brings back great memories of coastal drives in Washington (and I don't mean DC :-)))

  4. The scenery in your pictures is so beautiful! I am so looking forward to the day when Harry and I can see all of that in person!! :)

  5. Beautiful pictures! We will drive portions of it this summer. Curvy roads are fun a motorcycle, not so much with a big RV. Have fun and travel safe!

  6. Always check out the buffets...

    The road is a fabulous ride, but as we have mentioned we did less miles due to the twists, turns and extra stops just to catch our breaths.

    Travel safe!

  7. Some of those casino buffets are fantastic. We've eaten at more than our share of them.

    Love the photos and love the coast. We certainly understand how tired you can get driving that road though.

  8. Isn't the Oregon coast beautiful? We are anxious to be out there someday as well.

    We love our local casino buffet too. Reasonable price and good food!

  9. YO Paul - we just joined Passport America - can't wait to use it!!!

    Enjoy - looks beautiful - we will be seeing much the same ocean scenes but on the rocky coast of Maine and Nova Scotia.

  10. BE sure to check out the Seven Feathers Resort. It is really really nice! We are heading back home to Oregon and will be in Brookings this weekend. Just in case our ships should pass in the night. :)

  11. We were at Seven Feathers on Tuesday nice buffet the food was great. Enjoyed today's pictures along the coast.

  12. Sure looks like a great drive, something we have not yet done.

  13. Wow.. what fantastic scenery! You sure are living the Good Life!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  14. what a drive...gorgeous scenery... isn't' retirement wonderful...

  15. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos. Always nice to see our home state through some else's eyes. If you are on the southern Oregon coast, you might want to check out the Mill Casino in North Bend/Coos Bay. It is bayfront and has a nice RV park. Enjoying following along on your travels.

  16. Seven Feathers has a great buffet. You will find it's well worth the drive. Hope for more good weather, and you'll enjoy the coast, regardless!