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Friday, June 25, 2010

Having fun with the boys.

Started out the day early to get to the range for my quarterly firearms qualification.  I was going to shoot, then beat feet home to take over from Marti so she could go to work.

Of course, my mind was not firmly on the target and for the first time in my entire career, I didn't qualify!  So I had to step back, take a breath, slow down and shoot the course again...and I was successful.  Phew!  Then I beat feet and of course hit traffic, with a broken down 18 wheeler blocking a lane.  Some days (some days?) you just can't win.

Got home as soon as I could and Marti handed off the boys to me.  A quick lunch at McDonald's (with the great inside playground) and the grandsons and I hit the pool for a nice long swim.

We sure have been enjoying the pool in the backyard, nothing to fancy, just an inflatable 18' x 4' pool we ordered on line.  It was a careful purchase because we know we'll only use it for a little while and pass it on when we hit the road.

Today was GS Owen's third birthday.  We had a party for him the other day when his mom and dad were here, before they had to leave to travel to SC and close on their new home.  Marti thought we still needed to do something special, so we hopped in the car and went to Chuck E. Cheese's for some fun, games and really gross pizza.  The boys loved it.  Pass the Rolaids!

After dinner, it was off to Baskin Robins for some ice cream and rainbow sherbet, the boy's favorite.  Marti and I had cones and Andrew asked me if he could try my ice cream cone.  I handed it to him and he bit about 2 inches off the bottom of the cone and then to make it even more challenging, took a big bit out of the side of the cone, then handed it back to me.

Marti lost it, she cracked up and couldn't stop laughing.  Here I was trying to hold together what was left of my cone and ice cream and avoiding getting it all over me while watching the tears roll out of Marti's eyes.  A little comic relief, I guess.

We wouldn't trade one second of time with the grandson's for anything. :c)

Sorry it's nothing special today, (not every day can be a wonderful post about a great historical site) but it's a slice of our lives as we contiune on towards our full time future.

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