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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Notes from the Third Generation

Hi everybody!  This is Andrew writing tonight instead of Pa and Mimi, who ya'll know as Paul and Marti.  They are my grandparents and I'm staying with them and my little brother Owie while mommy and daddy get our new house ready for us in South Carolina.  Pa said something about he's too tired to blog tonight, so I said I'd do it for him.

Pa and Mimi do all kinds of fun stuff with us.  Today we left the house and went to Burger King for lunch.  It's a neat place because they have an indoor playground.  Owie and I liked the slide the best.

I tried Burger King's Chicken Fries, I never had them before and I really liked them.  I think I ate about a Zillion of them!

Owie liked them too!

Owie and I wanted a nice picture with Pa.

Pa wanted a nice picture of Owie and I with Mimi, so he snapped a photo when we were looking our best!

After lunch, we had to take a quick run to the car wash.  Pa said his car was visited by a flock of birds.  It sure was noisy in the car wash!

We went to a museum that was all about Marines.  They had lots of neat stuff in there.  I liked planes and tanks and Jeeps. 

Owie like the sandbags the best!

After the museum, we went back to Pa and Mimi's house where we did the funnest thing we like to do there.

After supper, I wanted our picture taken with Zoe, the dog.  We tried and tried but she wouldn't stay still.

Mimi thinks she's afraid of the camera's flash because she hates thunder and lightning storms.

We like staying at Pa and Mimi's house, it's almost as much fun as when we go camping in their motorhome.  Mommy, if you're reading this, can we stay at Pa and Mimi's longer?  Please!!!