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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Owie's Turn

I'm Owie and I'm Bubbie's little brother.  His real name is Andrew but I still call him Bubbie 'cause that's what I called him when I was little.  Now I'm a big boy, I'm three and Bubbie and I take turns in everything we do.  Pa said I could write today's blog.

Today, we went to our favorite breakfast place.

I had hot cakes.  I really like them!

Bubbie likes them too, but they're not as good as the hot cakes my daddy makes!

Today Pa and Mimi had a surprise for us.  They took us to an Air Show!  It's called the Flying Circus and it was near Pa and Mimi's house in a town called Bealton, VA.

They had lots of old bi-planes that were beautifully restored to flying condition. (Pa says if you click your mouse on the pictures, they'll get bigger.)

It was really hot.  Mimi made us wear hats and sprayed Sun Block all over us.  We ate Ice Pops to try and stay cool.

I watched the planes fly while looking through a fence around the air field.

The planes did lots of tricks and flew in formations.  They had a man jump from a plane with a parachute and another man wing-walked.  He even hung upside down from a wing!

It got so hot we poured water in our hats to cool down.

After the show, Bubbie and I talked to one of the pilots.  He teaches people how to fly and said he'd teach me when I get older.  I'm going to learn to fly next year, I'll be four!

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