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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random Thoughts

Today my mind is wandering all over the place.  Maybe it's because the grandsons are here for two weeks and they are a bundle of energy...and I'm not!  They are so much fun to have around and the limited time we have with them is so great.

It seems like just yesterday our kids were little like them.  How'd they grow up so fast? 

Time goes so quickly except when you're looking ahead, and we are to the start of our full time lifestyle.

We look around the house and wonder how we accumulated so many things and that is what most of them are, just things.  What would we really miss if the house was blown away by a tornado tomorrow?
Pictures, a documentation of our life.  That is what we really consider irreplaceable.

What to do with my military uniforms?  My medals and awards? The items I brought home to Marti from my travels all around the world?  The couple pieces of furniture that were handed down by family as keepsakes?  Hmm.

Storage space is expensive, do we do a fixed storage location, or try one of the Pod things, put it in the driveway, load it up and send it to storage?  Then have it delivered somewhere to us one day when we settle down again?

Should we replace our toad now before we go on the road or wait a while and see how it holds up, it has a lot of miles on it?

 Or get a tow dolly and take one of the other cars with us that is newer?

What should we do to the house to help it sell faster?  What upgrades will be worth doing and give us a return on our money?  When to put it on the market?

What about our Bucket List?  We've so many places we want to see and so many things we want to do, where will we find a bucket big enough to fit them all?

So many questions, but the best thing is we have a goal and we'll reach it.  We will make decisions, some may be good, others less so, but the reward of starting down the road without having to come back to the starting point will be priceless.

(And I won't miss our neighborhood Home Owners Association one bit!)

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