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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nectar of the Gods

Early morning, the sun rising, stretching after a good nights sleep.  What goes better with morning than a good cup of coffee.  I have to let you  in on a little secret...I can't stand the stuff.  To me, it's a foul and evil liquid.  I can count the cups of coffee I've had in my entire life on one hand and still have two fingers left over.

Coffee, can't stand the drink, the ice cream, the smell, the flavor.  Period!

My bonnie bride, Marti, is a coffee connoisseur.  She savors the aroma, she looks forward to starting each and every day with a cup of that precious liquid.  It's the essence of her life, the world doesn't start spinning until she's had that most wonderful drink.

I guess I'm a terrible person, but I gag on coffee.  Of my lifetime three cups of coffee, all of which were thrust into my hands by well meaning hostesses, I left one cup on a table after one small sip, choked down another one after dissolving a half pound of sugar in it and the third, well lets just say the potted plant looked like it needed a pick-me-up.

Marti, on the other hand, enjoyed coffee from the time she was in her early high school years.  When she was in college, it perked her along on her midnight study sessions.  She happily dreamed of someday meeting a man with whom she could spend an evening with playing cards and enjoying cups of coffee.

I have disappointed her on both counts, hate coffee and don't know much about cards, being the son of a Baptist minister I never was introduced (allowed) to card playing.

Our Winnebago Journey did not come with any kind of coffee pot.  I wanted our travels to be enjoyable for Marti and did not want to see her thrashing on the floor having coffee withdrawal symptoms.  Being the stand up husband I am, I went out, bought and installed the Black and Decker under the counter coffee maker for her.  I'm sure many people have this in their RV's and they work very nicely, for heavy coffee drinkers or a crowd.

We don't travel with a crowd (usually) and the need for multiple cups of coffee for just one person isn't a requirement for us. 

Enter our daughter-in law Amanda.

Amanda is a coffee lover just like Marti.  She found the solution to brewing the right cup of coffee, one cup at a time instead of a whole pot that may end up wasted.  She demonstrated her find to Marti.


The Keurig one cup coffee brewing machine.  It uses little cups of pre-measured coffee to brew one cup at a time instead of a whole pot.  The cups are available in a huge variety of flavors, as well as decaf, hot cocoa and teas.  We bought the Keurig machine for the Journey, it fits right on the counter and takes up little space.  We bring it in the house when we're not in the motorhome, but once we hit the road, it will be a permanent fixture.  Yes, we're leaving the under counter coffee maker in place for the rare visiting crowds.

So Marti is happy, enjoying her coffee in the morning (and noon and night) and I am slowly learning how to shuffle cards while I'm enjoying my favorite drink...

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  1. Ok, yes, I love my coffe - and I plead the 5th. ;-)

  2. Oh no Paul. Not diet Coke! It will make your vision go bad if you drink too much which is more than 12 oz a day. Coffee has those things that are good for removing bad things from your body. I can't recall the name of those things. Anyway coffee is healthier than diet coke. (I use to be a diet coke drinker and was convinced to give it up. A doctor friend said, if you are going to drink coke, at least stay away from the diet.)

  3. Part II of Tools for the Road has been posted.

  4. you are the man of my dreams..i hate coffee too..except if it has grandmarnier..lemon sugar and whip drink of choice is diet coke!! need to get one of those one cup wonders!!! husband loves coffee!!

  5. OHhh noooo I have to smell it when grinding the beans, then when either perking or brewing.. and then a deep whiff as I pour it into my mug, and adding a liberal dollop or two of French Vanilla Creamer! Yummmmmmm

    Karen and Steve

  6. 1st - I LOVE that poster. I need to get a copy of that for my wife for our anniversary. (OK, maybe that's a bad idea)
    2nd - I'll have you know your Black-n-Decker coffee maker has not been rendered obsolete by the Keurig, and is currently getting a daily workout. It'll be in tip-top shape for you!

    @Karen - I agree; there is no substitute for the smell of fresh gound beans. The days I was on my base (not travelling/on mission) in Afghanistan, coffee grind & brew was a little piece of sanity. Not surprisingly, I think coffee beans were the 1 item Paul (Dad) actually DIDN'T send to me in his many awesome care packages.