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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Got a Phone Call...From Myself!

I came into my office and there it was, the blinking red light on my phone.  Oh crap, that's never good.  Somebody left me a message.  What kind of trouble am I in now?

Taking my pen and paper, I dialed in to my voice mail.  The message was from Paul Dahl!  Huh?

I listened to the entire message and it really was Paul Dahl.  From Oklahoma.  This is weird.  Seems that I, er, I mean he had been doing some research on line at a website called  Paul had at one time lived on the same street where one of my previous offices was located.  The website indicated there was money being held by the state of Virginia for him, I mean me.

Paul had the same first and last names as me and even had the same middle initial, but it was for a different name.  Phew, at least something to tell us apart.  The money, however, was not for him, it was for me.  Paul was kind enough to do some research on line and track me down in a military locator website and call me at the office.  He explained everything to me.

Being the trained investigator I am, I was somewhat skeptical at first and thoroughly researched everything.  Results were yes, the state of Virginia did indeed have some long lost cash for me from an insurance company I dealt with years ago.

So I obtained the Virginia Unclaimed Money forms, included all my documentation to prove that I was the Paul Dahl, not the other Paul Dahl, and sent it in.  I'm waiting to hear back from Virginia as to exactly how my money got lost and what it's for.  I don't know how much it is, but just in case I've been looking online at those new Winnebago Tours. ;c)

For some fun, can you guess what this is a picture of and where it was taken?

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  1. An aerial view from a plane, maybe the Middle East?

  2. Virginia Department of Revenue owes me $65 for 2009 overpaid taxes. Could you put in a good word for me? ;)


  3. Aren't all Paul Dahls nice. Hopefully a Tour awaits you. QD or CD?

  4. hope the amount is worth the price of a new tour!! for the picture?..going to have to do some detective work..!! the way too bad you missed my could have been the proud new owners of a pair of red olympic mittens!!!

  5. I would not make that down payment on the new Tour yet, but at least you can start looking at the extras you might like when the the big money hits your account.

  6. Wow, found money is always good, no matter how much (or little) it is. ;)

  7. You mean that some of those lost money things are actually true? Wow! The picture looks like a shot from space...don't have any idea where, though. :)

  8. See? All your retirement worries and RV shopping details are all taken care of now with that one phone call...

    Can you adopt me?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  9. Wow checks in the mail. Just what I've always wanted. Guess I'll check out that site now that you've done the homework and it seems to be true. Many thanks! Hope it's enough to pay for the Tour. :-)

  10. Let's hope it's more then 64 cents. LOL That was ours at one time for overpayment.

    The picture looks like it's from space. Dessert in New Mexico?

  11. I worked in an office building with someone who shared my name. One day the US Marshalls came to arrest me. Before the handcuffs were on I got them to at least look at the picture they had. The top guy then started apologizing to me. I guess we didn't look alike. Only later did I realize they wanted the other guy.