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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Marti's Musings: and just a bit more

We didn't get quite as much done today, as yesterday.  Paul is fighting a cold (could be that 10 degree weather we had yesterday!), so after church this AM he pretty much took it easy.

We did locate our 'holding pattern' room - the front computer room (remember, all cleaned out except for the desk) - will now hold the boxes headed to storage at our daughter's, and the futon now has our RV bound items. 

Trying to sort things out we sort of came up with a system - black garbage bags are for true garbage; white bags for donations, and laundry baskets for the RV.  T'hat doesn't count the plastic bins that will be permanently stored, along with the boxes. 

At least all (I hope!) the pictures are now stored in 3 bins (I know! I know!) - the largest one holds paintings, and family pictures that are irreplacable; the middle sized one holds our picture albums, and the smallest holds loose photos.

Now to find a system for things the kids want, and where to store them.  sheesh.  It never ends!  (or so it feels)  ~Marti


  1. You're doing a wonderful job!! oh I remember those days. Will the kids take the pictures? Our son has a small tub of very important family pictures and papers in his attic.

  2. We hope you get feeling better, Paul.

    This getting ready to full-time is hard work ;o))

    But it is all part of the journey.

  3. Yes, the pictures and other irreplaceables will be kept at our daughter's house. She has set aside room for our things. (God bless her!) We are hoping we will not need more room than she has, otherwise we will be looking at a storage unit. That will be a LAST resort! Thanks for following our journey!

  4. purge jealous that you are on your way to getting rid of stuff and organizing!..sounds like a great system..going to have to borrow it when our time comes!!

  5. Sounds like you are pretty organized. We went with a storage unit, as no kids lived nearby and we have some antiques we did not want to dispose of. Once we located a climate controlled storage unit for those, we just moved all the other keepsakes in with them. It saved us some of that organizational issues.

    At least until we go to get the stuff someday.

  6. We are behind you by about a year here. I have one big ole steamer trunk to put the *special things* in that will grace our daughter's guest room at the end of a bed.

    I was scanning in photos, but found if I set my digital camera on a tiny tripod that came with it. Then I aim at each photo with the camera set on *macro* closeup, it takes really good pictures of the pictures!

    I am making discs of all the photos grouped by year and giving copies to all of our kids too.

    It's quite a job, because I also have all my moms old photo albums to go through too, and make discs for all my brothers and sister too.
    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

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