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Thursday, January 20, 2011

More "Where Am I" Pictures

Well, nobody was able to identify the picture from yesterday (where and what is it?)...

although there were some good guesses and one was in the parking lot of the ballpark.

So here are a couple more pictures.

And one final picture.

Yep, that's our Journey and no I did not drive it to where the pictures were taken, as much as I'd have loved to.  Since this is an RV blog, I thought I'd include this picture just to keep it an RV themed post. ;c)

Good luck, good guessing and another box of Chocolate Cheerios is riding on it!


  1. I changed my mind, my other answer doesn't count. I say Kuwait.

  2. I's goa be Will Wonka's Chocolae Facor ?? Righ??

  3. I do not know exactly where it is, but I recognize the general terrain. I can only say for sure, that it is an area I do not wish to visit again.

    First prize could be a week visit to where the picture was taken and second prize is two weeks!

  4. Okay Paul. You and Nellie are driving me crazy with your puzzles. Puzzles frustrate me! I like to know the answers right away! Those are really strange looking blue and white thingies. And those green patches out of the airplane window look as though it should be obvious where they are. But I don't have a clue. Is it somewhere on the west coast of Australia?