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Friday, January 21, 2011

A New Winner to the Picture Contest

Hats off to Jeff, who had the correct location of the pictures.  Kuwait, in the Middle East.  You remember Saddam Hussein's next door neighbor, who was invaded by the Iraqi army in August 1990?  Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

The first picture was, in fact, taken from a helicopter.

You might remember pictures like this:

Here is a better perspective:

It is a picture of one of the Kuwaiti oil wells that were set on fire by the retreating Iraqi army.  After the war ended, the fires were put out but many of the wells like the one in the picture were abandoned.  You see many of them as you fly over.

The second picture is one of many farms that have sprung up in the Kuwaiti desert.

There are still many miles of desert between Kuwait and Iraq that look like this:

You can see the shell holes from the Desert Storm battle.  The only thing growing here is shrapnel.

Flying around Kuwait and Iraq requires special equipment.

I'd have rather been sitting on my body armor than wearing it...

The funny looking towers are water towers.

And the birds eye view of an housing complex in Kuwait City where I had an apartment. 

Yeah, I was "roughing" it.  The water is the Persian Gulf.

One more souvenir shot:

And for  my RV connection to my RV blog, I saw a Tiffin Allegro Class A motorhome parked in Kuwait City.  Sadly, I didn't get a picture of it.  It was a surprise to see.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  We'll do another picture contest one of these days.  Jeff, send me an email at address at the bottom of the page to tell me where to send the Chocolate Cheerios.  You won 'em fair and square!

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  1. Great place. I have been there several times. Last time was 1999, where I spent a month, one week :)