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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Planning for the Next Adventure

Okay, we made it through Thanksgiving, beat all the deadlines for Christmas shopping and now have survived both our birthdays.  January is looking cold and dreary, February, too.  Back-to-back blah!

We nipping away at the preparations to get the house ready to sell, goals this week are to paint another bedroom and get all the toys in the basement area we had set up for that grandkids boxed up and sent to Goodwill.  We will take a couple of non-RV trips to see the kids, Heather, Brian and the boys next weekend, because it is a long weekend, then hopefully a trip to see Corey and Amanda in New Jersey when they are free.  Other than that we'll keep plugging away with house chores.

However, all work and no play is not healthy at our newly advanced ages, so we have to plan our next adventure in the Journey.  Where to?

Disney World, of course! 

We have to get our annual fix of the House of Mouse and suck up some of that Pixie Dust.  I've booked reservations for a week at Disney's Fort Wilderness in mid March and the best part is once again our grandsons, Andrew and Owen are coming along.  They are even kind enough to bring their parents, Heather and Brian, too.  This will be our fourth annual trip with them.

We all fit very comfortably in the Journey, everyone has a nice cozy bed to sleep in.  The difference this year is we will travel separately, now that they live in South Carolina, instead of New Jersey.  On our past trips, they'd drive to our house in Virginia and we'd all travel together to Florida, with Heather and Brian doing most of the driving of the Journey.  (Heather really loves driving it, go figure!).

This year it'll be just Marti and I driving down alone (sniff) and meet them there.  It's still worth it.  We feel badly that we have not yet been able to take our granddaughters Taylor and Kierra because they live out in Oregon, but they won't be there forever, just about another year and a half.  We're hoping they'll live closer to the East coast for Ryan's next Coast Guard assignment.

So tonight Marti and I are sitting here in our family room with a fire roaring in the fireplace kicking around ideas for Disney, what restaurants should we go to, what parks on what days, just enjoying the plans for the next adventure.

We're very thankful that we have an RV and it gives us great pleasure to use it to see this beautiful country and be able to spend time having fun with our kids, making memories.

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  1. Disney with the kids should be fun. I am not surprised they like the drive the RV. Just think back to those early years of driving and how great it would have been if someone would have handed us the keys to a rig like that.

  2. the land of mickey with the kids!..sounds like a resounding good time for everyone!!! the way got rid of the snow on my sending it your way!!!

  3. Sounds like you are planning a great trip with the kids! We love Disney, but will probably not get there this visit to Florida.

    Happy Belated Birthdays to you both!!

  4. I can't wait to read about your adventures with the Grand kids at Disney. I can't wait to take some of ours one day.

    Take Care
    Brenda Brown

  5. That sounds grrreat! (Oh, no Tony the Tiger there.) My favorite of all the parks is Universal in Orlando. Mid-March should be perfect.

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