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Monday, January 10, 2011

What to Write About?

When your RV is in storage, and our Journey is, it is hard to come up with RV topics for your RVing blog.  It would be nice to say we went here today, saw this and that and enjoyed a delicious meal with wonderful friends while watching a most beautiful sunset over the ocean.

Can't say any of that because none of that happened today.  Bummer!  What I can say is at least we've finally gotten home from work, had dinner and now at 8PM have parked ourselves on the couch with a nice fire going in the fireplace.

It could be worse, we could be down South in South Carolina or Georgia enjoying all the cold weather and another winter snow storm.  How come it's warmer and less Canada?

Are we going to see reverse migrations?  All the former snowbirds that headed South for the winter now heading North for the winter where it's warmer and less snowy?  What would you call them...Snow-less Birds?  Canadian Geese?  No-Snow Geese?

So in fairness to all my blog readers, I'll just shut up now and hope that more  interesting RV  topics pop into my brain.

One day soon, we'll be out on the road full time, seeing, doing and blogging.  Until then, thanks for putting up with us. 


  1. it is all about the journey..but you already know that..those of us who are rv-less or living in a house with an rv on the side appreciate those who are close to making their dream a reality! not all posts need to be about RVing!..hang in there..keep on writing and we will keep on is the side trips that make life interesting!

  2. Here, here! Not all of us have something to say, or if we do, sometimes we don't find it 'blog-worthy'. I like reading anything you guys have to say :)

  3. Some how you always make us smile!!

    Keep blogging so we can keep smiling!!

  4. Yes you guys are both terrific writers, and I love reading your blog! But I don't know how you have time to work and blog every day. Please relax and realize you don't have to blog every day. (But I really do love it!)