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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Marti's Musings: One more step....but still...

New Year. 2011.  This year brings a lot of exciting potentials - and actuals.  Paul has put in his retirement letter, so that is an actual - he will be retired by September 1.  My retirement is uncertain, therefore a potential.  We feel pretty confident, however, that it will be an actual by September 1 - if the house sells.  Indications are good for the housing market, if you can believe  Housing in our area is on an upswing!  Yeah! 

We have been sharing our progress in the house, weeding out, throwing out, sorting out.  (OUT being the obvious term) as well as upgrading the aesthetics.  We are tackling what we think are the worst areas, the basement and garage, and we are making great progress, although we are not done. Time seems to be flying by when I think of all that needs to be done and now how little time we seem to have before we put the house on the market!

So, to add another layer, I have now formatted and initiated our budget for RVing full time.  Yikes!  And I thought cleaning out would be scary.  Seeing the actual retirement numbers, and knowing what we currently are at ....  downright scary alright.  Paul assures me, and I must admit, it appears to be so, that he has budgeted high on many line items, just to be on the safe side, but still.... and I know that our actual needs will be greatly reduced, not being in the work force, but still....and I know that we will be spending large pockets of time in one area, near the kids - and sometimes that will mean no cost on campgrounds, but still...

Often I wonder if we are downright crazy.  Mind you, I am a conservative thinker; and here I am embarking on a free-style lifestyle - rather the antithesis of who I am.... but still.... it attracts me, primarily because of the pull of family and loving to travel. 

Yeah, it is scary - but still....we are going forward, with knees knocking, heart pounding, and mind swirling madness...but still.... we go forward....



  1. Remember to give thought to your exit plan if that will make you feel more secure. Less than a year...lots to do but the contrast to your current life after you hit the road will be incredible!

  2. I can understand your feelings..I am the worrier at our end of the spectrum too..and it is a difficult thing to deal with..we are a long way off..but I know that I will be thinking along the same lines as you when our time comes!
    hang in box and one room at a time!!

  3. Marti we seem to spend way less money when we are on the road than when we are home. There are lots of ways to save money while doing this and still have the time of your life. I know it is easy to say don't worry but don't worry lol. You are going to have a blast and meet such wonderful people.

    Take Care
    Brenda Brown

  4. Marti:

    I know how you are feeling! I get nervous when I look at what we need to live on the road vs. what we will have with SS & pension. In that scenario I forget that we can always workkamp if needed. Whew..

  5. I, for one, think it is worth all the "but stills" :)

  6. Heck no, you're not crazy. You're embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. Enjoy it!

    My wife and I have done similarly. Our adventures have enriched us both.


  7. We have the very same feelings. I think we will actually spend less money after retirement too. It's such a mountain of things to do that gets to me...but still.

  8. We have tracked our expenditures since we started and they have remained pretty steady overall.

    There are always things that can be adjusted downward if that becomes necessary.

    We have been particularly lucky on repairs to the RV, but as it ages, we know these will go up. We have chosen to not get extended warranties based on some others experiences and our own way of looking at things.

    It will work out. I can honestly say that it is always been cheaper than living in a stick house.

    Good to plan realistically, but I would not worry overly.

  9. Your knees may be knocking now, but I tell ya, when you get out there and experience the freedom, you're going to be so glad you did it!

    Plus, if you run out of money, you could boondock at Walmart! I'm sure dumpster diving there always results in treasures :) LOL! KIDDING!!