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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Missing Money Has Been Found!

The check came in the mail!  Really.  Despite the huge snowstorm we had here in Northern Virginia yesterday, the mailman made it through.  (Maybe Nellie from Midlife Cruiser should of had him deliver her new keyboard?).  I'm glad I even spent time with my snow blower to clear the plowed up snow away from my mailbox to make it easier for the mailman to drive up to our mailbox.

If you recall, a week or so back I found through that there were unclaimed funds that belonged to me being held by the State of Virginia until I could be tracked down.  I filled out all the required paper work and sent it all in.  Then I started looking at the new Winnebago Tours (QD Syl, since you asked) in nervous anticipation.

So tomorrow I'm heading down to the bank, cashing the check and heading right on down to my local Winnebago and buy that new Tour QD's...

Tail light bulbs!

Yep, the check was not quite what I had hoped for, it was $118.00.  Evidently the money was from a refund on an automobile insurance policy that I had canceled years ago when I moved and changed car insurance companies.  I'm going to deposit it in our rainy day fund, where we're sticking all of our "found" money (rebates, refunds, garage sale proceeds, etc.) for odd-and-ends when we head out on the road.

So, like all those tales of WWII soldiers sending Jeeps home from overseas piece by piece in the mail, I guess I'll do the same with the Tour, buy it piece by piece.

So we'll continue to love and have fun with our Journey.  Shame on me for wanting to trade up from it!

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  1. If you are lucky, the Journey will never find out about your planned abandonment.

  2. Boy you could be in deep trouble if your Journey finds out you are lusting after another!

  3. Congrats on the money! Maybe I should see if I have anything!

  4. shame on you for lusting after another!..the $118 won't get much..but at least you can dream for a while!!

  5. Ooh..always nice to get unexpected money. We opened an ING account for such cash. Yard sales, ebay sales, etc go in to that RV fund ;)

  6. Wha kind of bribe did ou give he mail lad o have her deliver ur mail firs??? Did Mari have o flash her or somehing?? Jeez! I'm geing desperae! Give me ips!!!

    Luck dog geing some MONE in he mail!!!

  7. Treat the Journey to a good wax job with that cash and it'll look like a new Winnie. ;)

  8. Geee and here we were all imaginging a new rig, unlimited funds for fuel, and a round the world tour!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

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