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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Prize and The Paperwork

I'm not one to back out of a deal.  Last month I ran a contest on our blog with a First Prize being a box of Chocolate Cheerios.   Sue from Bigdawg and Freeway* guessed correctly and a box was on its way on 22 December 2010.  It arrived in BC, Canada, where she lives on 11 January 2011.  I was beginning to wonder if the box got seized by Canadian Customs as highly addictive, sweet contraband.  Enjoy Sue!

I'm home alone the last two days, Marti is off to a conference out of town.  Seems one of  us is traveling or tied up with work. It's a crazy life we lead.  We even had to coordinate at an airport one time.  I was flying in and Marti was flying out and I needed to know where she parked our car so I could drive home. 

Work has been interesting but we sure won't miss it when we're done.  Latest word on my retirement paperwork, it has been approved the first two steps and has arrived at the final step, the Personnel Command (Human Resources).  I received an email today saying it will take 3 to 4 weeks to determine if it's approved.  Sheesh! (Thanks Howard (RV-Dreams) for letting me borrow your favorite word of frustration).

But it's not all bad.  A long weekend awaits and we're going to visit the snow covered land of South Carolina and visit our daughter Heather's gang.  They have more snow there than we do up in Northern VA.    Unfortunately, we're not taking the Journey, another car trip.  But they have a Camping World right down the road and I got a Camping World Gift Card for Christmas.  I'm sure I'll find a couple of minutes to sneak down there. :c)

Not much exciting going on, but it is the January blahs.  Looking forward to warmer weather and planning for our fulltime lifestyle.

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  1. yeah for the chocolate cheerio journey!!!..thanks again!..yes, the January blues are here also...going to be a long winter!!

  2. I say Sue hugging her stash on her blog!! So glad she won :)

    Won't be long until you guys can chase the January blahs by heading to warmer climes!

  3. They marked both my hands with giant permanent marker Xes so I would carry the mark of death...if someone served me a drink at the bar :)