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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Marti's Musings: Down, but Not Out!

Hello, RV family!  (it sure feels like family, with all the speedy responses we got from last night's post!)

Many thanks for your well wishes!  Nothing like a fall on black ice, resulting in a fracture, to make you feel old!  Of course, adding to our justification to "Hit the road, Jack!" I am so thankful for the excellent health care that we have at our disposal.  We had an amazingly short ER visit (which was nice, as I was unable to leave work early for many reasons...) and of course, the excellent news that no surgery was needed.  I left with the splint, and a referral for an ortho consult.  Surprisingly, the pain is minimal (so far!), and I hope the ortho agrees with the ER doc.  Our ER doc was great - he and Paul connected as the doc is in the Army Reserve, and has done three tours to the Middle East.  Anyway...

Yes, I am down for a while, but certainly not out!  Paul has been so loving and attentive, cooking, and attending to my every need.  He even slept on the short couch, so he would be nearby while I slept on the downstairs couch.  (I am not quite ready to navigate a full flight of stairs with crutches!)  Oh, and boy do I not like crutches!  It was waaaay easier when I was 8 years old!

We took a break from doing any preparations on the house for selling, for obvious reasons.  We are fortunate that our son is coming in a couple of weeks to help haul more heavy things to storage/dump or to his home.  Two of my sisters are also going to come in Feb/March, so we hope to stay on track time-wise.  Now, we are hoping the housing market will rebound - it has already shown some improvement.  yeah!

So, it actually is not too bad doing nothing today, probably an indication that my body is recovering from the trauma, as I would typically be going stir crazy.  I find myself dozing on and off - of course, surfing the net, and playing my Nintendo DS is keeping my mind occupied.  Hopefully this will be a quick recovery so we can get back to our preparations for hitting the road.  ~Marti


  1. I didn't get to read your blog yesterday and look what I find today. You're on a couch with a broken bone. Please get better fast, and come on down to Fla, no snow or ice here, (at least Southern part).
    Take it easy, let it heal.

  2. The extra hands will come in handy now. even better that they come with family members attached that you can enjoy spending time with.

    just relax and take it easy while you recover.

  3. glad to hear that 'helping hands' are on the way!..through wind or snow or rain or hail..or broken bones..the rving dream will stay alive!!!..take it easy until help arrives!!

  4. Just got back on line and found that you'd had a fall. I've sure been there. Broke my ankle in 2001 but I was on a hike and had to hike out on it for 90 minutes. The damage I did to the tendons etc was worse than the break which healed well as I know yours will. But I also can REALLY sympathize with the crutches. They are terrible. Hope they will at least put you in a "boot" when you see the ortho guy, that's what happened to me after the ER. Then perhaps he'll prescribe that you must go immediately to somewhere with no possibility of snow or ice! :-))

    My thoughts really are with you!


  5. I also missed reading your post yesterday but I'm sure glad you are ok and will not require surgery. Sounds like you have some dandy helpers so let them be your nurses! (Milk it for all you can...haha)
    Take care,

  6. So glad that you are resting and letting that body mend. Kudos to Paul for being a great caregiver!