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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Marti's Musings: Paul's Birthday, a quick note

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, supportive comments, compliments (Nellie, you are blind!  ha ha) and encouragement!

Today was Paul's birthday, as you know.  We sold our first item on Craig's list!  woo hoo!  The folks picked it up this morning - early - so, no sleeping in...  Then, we had a quick Chik-fil-a breakfast as I had an early re-scheduled hair appointment. 

We enjoyed seeing the movie "Tangled" (just our speed!) - and it was really good!  After a few errands, we came home.  Paul kept busy cleaning out various junk drawers.  I had a nail appointment (okay,okay I REALLY pampered myself today, I know!)

Then after quick snack, off we went to (what I was told) was an open house.  In actuality it was a surprise birthday party for me, from my co-workers, and they made a cake with both our names on it (plus another co-worker who had a birthday this week).  It was fun to get together and relax, laugh and eat yummy food.  Our mantra - 'eat, drink and be merry, for Monday we die-t!' 

We got home late, I needed to unwind, so played some Wii - Paul headed to bed.  So, it was a productive, fun day.  Tomorrow, we recycle old computer parts - we had to wait for the day they accept that junk at the dump.

Progress!!  Woo hoo!  ~Marti


  1. Happy birthday, Paul (belated a bit)..I'm glad you had a good day..had to read twice to see it was Marti that had the nail appointment! Thought maybe you did, though there's nothing wrong with a "man"icure :)

  2. A Happy Birthday to Paul from all of Canada lol

    Glad to hear you both had a great day

    John and Brenda Brown

  3. Happy Birthday you two. Glad you were able to celebrate it despite work. Working in a hospital I totally understand the inspector part. And yes they never leave until they find SOMETHING! Glad you were able to pass with only a couple minor glitches. Just say to yourself on the bad days "Only ## days till this is over"

  4. Happy Birthday to you both, we were birthdaying too yesterday.
    ( if you'd like to see what we did.

    Admire your sticktoitiveness with the cleanout. It is SUCH a humungeous job. (is that how you spell it???)

  5. Happy days to you both!..good for you for taking a ME day!!!