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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This - N - That

Lots of little items took place today.  First I turned down all the new job offers and told my assignment officer that I'm proceeding with my retirement plans.  After work, got the oil changed in my car, with the miles I commute every day (330) it is a monthly event. 

My Honda dealer is right near my local RV dealer, so I stopped in to see if the parts have come in for my Norcold refrigerator recall.  Nope, seems they are on back order.  Good thing we're not using the Journey right now, but we will have to take it out for a spin in a weekend or two to "exercise" it.  We'll also run the generator, too.  Onan recommends running your generator monthly under a load for about a half hour, so we are certainly due.

Marti had the state inspectors come in to her facility today for an annual top-to-bottom inspection, which will last for the week.  It is always a very stressful time, resulting in long hours for Marti and her staff pulling paperwork and records for the inspectors continued review tomorrow.  And to make it even more stressful, today is Marti's birthday, what a present!  Six inspectors poking and prodding into every corner of your facility. 

When she finally got home tonight after a long 12 hour day, I heated up dinner for her and reminded her this is her LAST inspection.  That has a nice ring to it.

And for a little fun, some more "Where-in-the-World-Am-I" pictures.  Good guessing.

No penalty for incorrect guess, but another box of Chocolate Cheerios is waiting for a correct answer!

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  1. happy birthday Marti!!..hope had a good day..even with the for you new contest..I won't be greedy and guess again..I will let someone else have a chance!..

  2. The bowels of hell?

  3. Gotcha - Panama Canal - and I've never been there, but you gave it away with the flag!

  4. Oh - and Happy Birthday, Marti!

  5. Happy birthday Marti!

    PS no guess, too early in the morning yet :)

  6. Glad to hear you are keeping on the retirement track... then you won't have to worry about exercising the motorhome, you will be using it daily! LOL

    We always exercised the rig each month all winter long, but 2 years ago we didn't realize the importance of exercising the generator too. We learned the hard way after a bunch of repairs on it. Now we fire that baby up and let it purrrrrrrrrr Plug in a few electric heaters to create a load. We take out some food, watch some tv, and relax and enjoy our rig in the middle of winter for an afternoon.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. Happy Birthday to Marti! Don't have the foggiest idea about the guess, but I'm not that crazy about chocolate cheerios anyway. :)

  8. Happy Birthday Marti

    Brenda Brown