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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Marti's Musings: What a week!

First off, thanks for all the birthday wishes!  My birthday passed in a blur, as it was the day the inspectors arrived. My industry (rehab/long term care) has the dubious honor of being the most regulated industry in the United States.  Approximately 10 years ago, we surpassed nuclear power, and this past October (2010) new Medicare regulations took effect that kept us in the solid lead.  Ugh.  THAT information alone, should give you an indication of how my week has gone.  Imagine all the regulations, scrutinized, verified, audited, interviewed, justified...... get the idea?

So, with one day to go, here is a synopsis of our week, thus far -

My text to Paul - 'state is here!  pray!'
Paul's text to me - 'Happy Birthday - some present, huh?'

I arrived home, late, to a nice birthday dinner - complete with a mini birthday cake.  I was pretty upbeat, despite the 6 inspectors that arrived and had already spent 7 hours in my building.

Paul's text to me: 'how's it going? want me to bring dinner tonight?'
My text to Paul: ' too early to tell.  sounds good'  [pizza was delivered ala Paul around 8pm- my first chance to break/eat, for me and my key personnel{thanks, honey!}]

Arrived home late, again (almost 11pm - nearly a 16 hr day)

Paul's text to me: 'are they exiting today?'
My text to Paul: 'not sure'
Paul's text to me (later): 'when do you think you'll be home?  want dinner?'
My text to Paul: 'late. no dinner.' (we feasted on crackers and pretzels for dinner, in an effort to gather all the needed information ie:'credible evidence' to any questions or requests the inspectors had)

Arrived home late, 9 pm - a mere14 hr day. 
Paul asks:  "so?  how's it going?" 
Me:  "ugh, ok". 
Paul: "remember, they have to find something" 
Me: "whatever"
Paul:  "okaaaaay"  *silence*   (smart man!)

We had a quiet, if brief, conversation about a few minor things and off he went to bed.  Tomorrow is the final day.   I have already worked an insane amount of hours, it isn't over yet.  Plus, I had to reschedule my hair appointment.  (grrrr!) The inspection itself? It truly doesn't seem to have any serious issues, minor only.  However, any citation - large or small - means a 5 point corrective action in a regulation report form for each one.  Plus, the continual stress of it all ...- tomorrow's texts should be a little less cryptic, unless things go awry in the final hours....  I am getting too old for this stuff!!

To borrow a phrase:  sheeesh!! 

I may suddenly find more motivation for cleaning out/purging and getting ready to move on with L.I.F.E.!

One more day, and counting..... is it Friday yet?  ~Marti


  1. Happy belated birthday! Sorry it was such a rough one. Hopefully you'll be able to really celebrate soon. I cannot believe you turned down pizza though :)

  2. This post is a great justification for shedding the work life and hitting the road:)

  3. This post is a great justification for shedding the work life and hitting the road:)

  4. sounds like a double 'sheesh' day!..