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Monday, January 17, 2011

A Great Weekend and I Met My Long Lost Uncle

Despite the 1000 mile round trip from our home in Northern VA to our grandson's in South Carolina, it was still a great trip and worth every mile.  Little Owie wanted to know why we couldn't live next door to them (that house is for sale).

One thing the boys love to do with Marti is play Mario games on their Nintendo Wii.  It is a lot of fun, but sometimes Marti actually does something different with the boys...

        We took a trip to the Zoo.

 It is all designed to look like the African Jungle.  The snow looked out of place for some reason.

The zoo had lots of hands on things for visitors to do... feed a giraffe... and feed goats, and

milk a pretend cow.  That wasn't easy.

Andrew showed a skill we didn't know he had, he's quite a rock climber.  He climbed a 50 foot high rock wall 4 times.

While we were at the zoo, we met my long lost uncle.

The family resemblance is remarkable.

You can see that Andrew and my uncle even walk the same way.

Lastly, we saw the elephants.  They were kind of just standing around.

Then one elephant came over to us and turned around.

The elephant gave us a quite a surprise.

It didn't smell very good at all!

It is hard living so far away from the boys.  We are looking forward to full timing and being able to stay for a long time at a campground just 2 miles down the road from their house.  Until then, we'll just have to dream of the fun we'll have down in warm and sunny South Carolina.

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  1. I would use that dump picture as a "THE END"! :)

  2. And you didn't zoom in to see if there were peanuts in the poop???

  3. nothing like time with your precious grandsons!!!..Did you see the contest I had on my blog!!??..winner winner mitten wearer!!

  4. Great time with the grandkids!! We love the Columbtia Zoo...but have never seen it in the SNOW!! We got out of SC at just the right time;o)

  5. resemblance! My Mom calls those pictures 'fanny frames'..haha.

  6. Hey Marti! Shouldn't you be on the phone? (I'm totally snickering as I type this)

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  7. Hi Paul and Marti, Well, SC looks cold! But the snow does look like fun. What a great thing to look forward to - traveling and staying close to your grandsons for longer visits. That day will come for sure! Can't wait to read about your travels when you're fulltiming! Stay safe and keep warm. Thanks for all your support! Levonne