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Monday, November 28, 2011

D-Day Gets An "F"

When the buyers of our house asked for a 28 November closing date, we gulped and said "Okay".  Not beating a dead horse (sorry JB), but we dug in and did all we needed to do to "Git 'Er Done".

Long hours, multiple trips to the dump, the Salvation Army donation center, Lowe's and the medicine chest for more Motrin.  Two rental trucks hauling furniture to two of our kid's homes, one in NJ, one in SC for items they chose from our house.  Getting our new mailing address in South Dakota.  And best of all, squeezing clothes, dishes, plates and other stuff (Marti's Wii video games) from a 3400 square foot house into our Winnebago Journey.  That battle is still on going, hopefully we'll be able to tuck enough of this "stuff" away so I can at least see out the front windshield when we pull out for the last time on Friday.

Then the last detail, cutting off the utilities and closing the accounts.  Our Realtor said we had to have the utilities on for the final walk through on the day of the closing, then we could turn off the utilities.  Also the homeowner's insurance could be cancelled.

I spent all morning listening to "Our Menus have Changed", "Press '1' for English" and "Please Wait for the Next Available Representative" recorded messages.  Then I'd finally get the Representative that must have forgotten to press "1" for English because it sure didn't seem like that was what they were speaking.  I set up all the utilities to be turned off tomorrow because most required a 24 hour notice.

When I got to the homeowners insurance, all I had to do was send them an email cancelling the policy.  With all I was doing today, I didn't get around to it, but figured I could do it tomorrow.

So everything on our end was completed.  D-Day was finally here and all we'd have to do was sit back and wait for the money from our sale to hit our bank account.  Except for one "small" issue.

After not hearing anything, I called my Realtor and left messages, then sent an email.  I figured if there was anything wrong I would have heard already.  Finally this evening, he called.

D-Day didn't happen.  Not because of anything we did or didn't do.  Not because of anything the buyers did or didn't do.  It was because the settlement company didn't get the work done.  Seems they took off last week and every closing that they were supposed to do was not done!

Mike, my Realtor was very baffled at this lack of service and said that hopefully Wednesday we'll close.  Unbelievable.  Just goes to show that poor customer service is not limited to just RV repairs.

So I'm sitting back on my couch and having my nervous breakdown.  I worked hard for it and I'm going to enjoy it.  It 's mine and I'm not going to share it with anybody. ;c)

So D-Day gets an "F".  Good thing I didn't cancel that homeowners insurance policy.  Another speed bump on the way to fulltiming.

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  1. I'm so sorry. I'm biting my nails with you. It's amazing that someone "forgot" to notify you that this wasn't going to happen. They knew last week. You didn't. Customer service certainly isn't what it used to be.

  2. I'm sure the buyers were a bit frustrated too. If you don't work during the holidays, please let others know.
    Enjoy your nervous breakdown. You deserve it.

  3. Man that is a REAL BUMMER. Hang in there

  4. I feel so bad for the two of you..its like Christmas came and went and Santa never showed up!!..only two more sleeps..that gives you more time to get organized!!...I will let you wallow in your 'nervous breakdown'..enjoy it!!..cause soon you will be smiling as you head on down the road!!!

  5. I would hope the settlement company feels ashamed of their performance. Perhaps the Better Business Bureau would like to know about the company. But the good news is that on Wednesday, it should happen, the closing. Will keep our fingers crossed for both of you.

  6. Wow, I feel for you! Our closing was delayed and we got stuck in a roach infested motel for the night but left very early in the morning and drove around until we got the call that everything was finally ready.

    At least you're ready!

    Good luck on Wednesday and I hope it all goes well!


  7. I am really sorry about your delay. At this point, I would be having the break down and poor Jim would be getting the worst end of the deal. It's okay to fall apart. But hopefully Wednesday all will be well.

  8. That is a bummer. But at least you're in a fabulous RV and not a roach infested motel. :-)

    (I've been told that I'm annoyingly upbeat.)

  9. Wow, made me nervous just reading
    your story....down the road your
    going to have many 'edgy' stories
    for the group happy hour!
    Really enjoy your posts.
    Good luck to you both.
    Ron and Linda

  10. Unbelievable! So sorry you've encountered this speed bump. Crossing our fingers that Wednesday will be smooth sailing.

  11. OK, go ahead and have your breakdown ;o)) Just remember, speedbumps are all part of the journey!!

    You could have decided that fulltiming was not for you and still be raking leaves ;o((

    Once you have blown off some steam, get that rig organized and get ready to....

  12. yikes... unbelievable that you got no advanced warning of their in-actions...

  13. No such thing as customer service! Things happen for a reason I guess. My closing took 5 hours because Lending Tree (the buyer's lender) were buffoons! How things have changed since the last time I sold a house!

  14. WOW -- unbelievable ... I just don't get service companies at all. You'd think that if they were taking the week off, they'd know they wouldn't be able to close as scheduled, and at least notify customers in advance.

  15. That was really to bad ~ I just can't believe how most people in the service industry just don't care anymore... If we'd a worked like that I would have been fired!
    It will come and soon you'll be free!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  16. Boy, do I feel your pain. While we are still in the process of getting OUR house sold so we can join you on the road, a couple years ago we had to sell my wife's dad's house (350 miles away) and that closing company did the same kind of screw-up-job as you are going through. it may not be any consolation, but you aren't alone. Hang in there! it'll all be over and done soon enough. Cheers,

  17. Well, Wednesday should be a great day then! Marti's "surprise" retirement party and closing. I'll pray that your Wednesday closing is not another surprise/postponement.

  18. Well I just typed a "fairly long" not tooo wordy comment which I was unable to post for who knows what reason so it's out there somewhere in cyberspace.

    In sum, what a bummer for you two. But, small consolation, now you get to look forward to it all over again. And it will make a great story down the road when it is far away in your rear view mirror.

    (should I copy this before trying the word verification??? - nah I like to live dangerously-but if the first one shows up, delete this one)

  19. wow so sorry to hear of this glitch in the plans..but at least it was the closing company and not the buyers...THANK GOD...sounds like they are probably as upset as you are..they are probably in a roach infested hotel waiting with bated breath for Wednesday to come...enjoy your breakdown you've sure earned it...good will happen...!!!!

  20. Nothing worse than havint to depend on other people who can control your life. D-Day part duo will be here before you know it and soon it will be yet another funny story to tell around the campfire.

  21. When this is all over, find a quiet campsite next to a small lake... pull out your most comfortable chair (or hammock??)... a big glass of your favorite adult beverage... and just lay quietly until your body stops vibrating.

    Might take a few days.


  22. Hope the breakdown helped:) Wednesday will be the charm.