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Monday, November 21, 2011

We've Got An Empty Feeling

We used to be full of, clothes, appliances and other assorted household junk, er, necessities.

As of about 5:30 today, the house and the storage unit were completely empty (we won't talk about what's in the Journey right now, but we might make the TV show Hoarders).  As my dearly departed grandmother used to say, "A place for everything and everything in its place".  Right now the campground dumpster is looking like a very good place for everything...

The estate sale finished yesterday and lots of stuff sold, many of the neighbors now have our "treasures".  I don't know how much we made off the sale, I don't expect a huge profit, but a little diesel fuel money for our trip to Oregon via Sioux Falls, SD will be appreciated.

It was interesting to see what sold, and what did not.  Our nice kitchen set did not go, but an old, dirty workbench in my garage went quickly.  Much of our bedroom furniture did not sell, but an old rocking chair and a crib went right away.  And the couple of items, including our 3 month old dryer that I added the "1" to the price tag sold at that price. :c)

The leftover stuff went to a church based organization that helps homeless people get back on their feet by supplying them with furnished apartments.  We feel good about that donation to help others.

The leftover, leftover stuff went with the junk man.  A whole truck full of things were piled in back of the truck and away all that went, out of our hair.

The one fly in the ointment was our piano.  It didn't sell.  I did not know what we were going to do with it, I figured we'd have to rent another storage unit, one of the heated ones for the next six months until our son Ryan, in Oregon, gets set up in his new duty assignment.  But at the last second, our next door neighbors, great friends, offered to hang on to it for us.  Problem solved, at least one, anyway.  It took four of us to move it, for a little upright spinet piano, it sure seemed like it was heavier than I remembered.

So the U-Haul is packed for the trip to SC to our daughter Heather's.  I rented a tow dolly to tow Marti's car behind us.  Originally she was going to drive, but with her eye surgery, she doesn't feel ready enough to drive safely.

Marti's eye is doing great and healing well, getting better every day, but she says it's like looking through a fishbowl, the vision is still distorted.  As long as she notices daily improvement, she's happy with that.  Right up front she was told it would take some time to get back to normal.

As for me, I'm on a regimen of antibiotics, Claritin and cough medicine to kick this cough and sinus infection that's been fighting with me the last couple of months.  I feel better now and hope it'll be a quick recovery for me too.

So, an empty house, a full RV and a bright future.  Marti finishes her job on 2 December and we're outta' here.  Thanks to all of you for your kind comments, suggestions and information on insurance companies. We're leaving our old friends behind in our old neighborhood but are looking forward to meeting y'all new friends on the road!

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  1. What a relief to have all that done and behind you. Now you both just need to feel better so you can really enjoy your new life. And remember, you may be leaving friends behind, but you will always be back to visit them, and in the meantime you are going to make some of the best friends ever while on the road.

  2. And remember all those tax deductions for everything "donated".

    I think I'm confused. The journey is going to SC and the Uhaul and the car is being towed but Marti isn't driving anything? How are you doing this Wonderman????

  3. I'm so happy for both of you! It's possible the friends you leave behind won't seem the same when you return for a visit. Life goes on, and only the dearest of friends travel with you in spirit and can understand the coming changes. :)

  4. Do you ever go back and read your blog posts when you were sooooo frustrated about not selling? See, DID work out!! Won't be long, and you will be officialy full timers..on the road an' everything!

  5. I just can't imagine my husband letting go like that. We will probably have a huge storage bill to pay each month. Oh well first we have to get that far.

    You guys are so lucky!

  6. In this case of empty feeling is a good thing. Glad it is over and you can work on the next phase ;)

  7. Congratulations on a successful house emptying! I'm sure it's a relief to get that behind you.

    I agree with Judy and Emma, the friends you leave behind will not seem the same once you get on the road. The common interests will disappear. That's not to say you won't always have a bond but the bond will be different.

    You have so much fun ahead in your life and it's just waiting to happen!


  8. I'm so excited for you guys! Can't wait to see you on the road!

  9. Changes, changes, changes. all for the better. Have a great Thanksgiving! Wow, you have soooo much to be thankful for! Onward and upward!

  10. Sherry,

    We're leaving the Journey at the campground and doing the SC trip with the U-Haul truck towing a car on the dolly to return. Marti has to finish working out her notice up to 2 December.

    After that it'll only be driving in the Journey towing the Element.

    See, I'm not a Super Human after all. ;c)

  11. Only a Super Human would drive across the Dakota's in December in an RV. Have fun with that!

  12. congrats on that empty feeling!!..but now just look around and see all the stuff in the Journey!!..
    you wrote that you are heading towards the west coast?..any chance of coming into Washington State?..I see a blogger meet and greet in your future!!!

  13. And don't forget to look us up when you get to Oregon!! We bloggers are a friendly bunch! Good luck with the delivery of your "goods" and then finally hitting the road in the RV.

  14. Congratulations on your empty house. Now it's time for some holiday family time and then back to gettin' on the road prep. Glad both of you are starting to feel better. Travel safe to South Carolina and back.

  15. Sometimes that empty feeling is not so bad;o))

    We are so excited and happy for the two of you. Can't wait to follow your adventures.

    Glad you are towing the car and giving Marty time to fully recover. Hopefully, you will get some DOWN time when you return to fully recover from that bug you've had for a couple months!!

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving with the kids and be sure and wave as you travel through South Carolina;o))

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails....

  16. How exciting! You are almost there. Enjoy Thanksgiving!

  17. I can sense the relief in your words. Won't be long now. You have one more thing to be thankful for on Thursday.

  18. Take a breath and try to relax a bit. (yeah, I know)..not possible right now.

    Congrats on the empty house. Ours wasn't empty until 5 minutes before closing and then we had a storage shed full.

  19. you must feel like a ton has been lifted off your shoulders..I know the empty feeling we experienced it during our mad rush downsizing and renovating this past summer. Glad to see your renting a dolly, sounds like a great solution..feel better soon..and hope Marti's eye continues to improve daily...

  20. Good job with the pricing. About that piano, I think you should consider taking it. You could be the only RV with a piano.