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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Panic Attack!

As hard as we've been working to get the house ready for closing, we just don't seem to get anywhere.  Culling through our closets to pare down our wardrobes feel like an endless task.  We've taken at least a dozen trash bags full of clothes to the Salvation Army, but the closets still seem to be bulging.  I'm thinking the clothes have some rabbit DNA in them and breed in those dark closets!

Not to mention the clothes we want to take along with us, that pile grows and grows.  I'm thinking we're looking at the proverbial 10 lbs of stuff needing to be fitted into the 5 lb sack.

So I've been working in various rooms, trying to economize my steps.  When the shredder auto shuts down for its 30 minute rest, I move on to another room.  Stuff more give away clothes into a trash bag, then haul it out to the car to take it to the Salvation Army donation center.  On the way back in, I toss a few more items in the garbage can.  And so on around the various rooms in the house.

So with a mess spread all over the place, the estate sale people showed up right on time.  Panic mode!  How can they start working on placing items stored in the basement when I had stuff everywhere?  Fortunately for me, they've seen this before and after a quick tour of the house, they set in place a plan of organization and went to work, leaving me to concentrate on things I have to get done.

One major project I worked on today was to sort through a bunch of boxes that I've kept paperwork and records from my military career and discarded unnecessary documents.  I had kept every scrap of paper and that paid off when I put in my retirement paperwork.  There was no documentation in the Coast Guard's computer data base to prove all the years I spent in the military!   They didn't even have any record of my enlistment from 30 years ago.  I did and provided it.  If I didn't have that, it would have drastically screwed me out of hard earned money in my pension. (Phew!)

Now that everything is settled, I shredded a bunch of stuff, keeping the important stuff and highlights of my career for display someday in another house when we come off the road, hopefully not too soon!

The estate sale folks have gotten a lot done today and say they'll have everything finished by the end of the day tomorrow!  I will bring the Journey over in the morning and start loading that 10 lbs of stuff...then tomorrow night, we're staying at the Bull Run Regional Park campground for the next two weeks.

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  1. That's unbelievable that the Coast Guard didn't have documentation of your years of service. Thank goodness you did!

    Good luck with your sale!

  2. Guaranteed that a first year full-timer will have on board twice what they need. You'll find how little you need after the first year. Until then, keep paring.

  3. You sound mighty calm for a panic attack! :)
    Good luck on the sale. Hope you make lots of Christmas shopping money :)

  4. You are going to think those clothes are still multiplying in the RV. We've been on the road for three years and we're still getting rid of clothes and stuff. I had kind of the same issue when I retired from the IRS. They had a wrong date on board by 2 1/2 years. Thank goodness I had kept every piece of paper to prove them wrong. So glad that's all behind me.

  5. good luck with the purging! many clothes does one need anyway??...going to send you a link to a blog where she discusses the clothes they have on board..hope I can find it!!

  6. You're lucky you kept those papers!! That would have been extremely upsetting if you hadn't.

    Once you decide on what clothes to take with you, you'll discover they aren't the right ones so you'll go shopping for more.

    Don't envy the work you're having to do but it'll soon be behind you.

  7. WOW tomorrow is the day!!

    I found too that I had an AMAZING number of clothes. I think most of it was to try to keep from being bored at work. LOL. So I just dumped everything I ever wore to work first off.

    But, I did find that I didn't bring too many clothes on the road but I brought some of the wrong clothes. Consider how often you want to do your laundry when you are bringing clothes and don't bring as many white things as I did if you will mostly be hiking, kayaking etc. LOL

    That's my advice! you can always dump but who wants to rebuy???

  8. Clothes and shoes are not one of my problems areas. The kitchen is!

    Sounds like having the estate sale gals come in took a bit of pressure off of you. I guess the best thing you cn do is fill up the Journey, and if it doesn't fit it stays behind.

    Do you have storage too?

  9. I can still remember the feeling when we finally were free of all our unnecssary stuff the first time we went full-time.

    What a fantastic feeling!!! Our life was so simple. Making decisions was so much easier because we had fewer choices available. Of course, you now have unlimited choices about where to go and what to do:o))

    Pack the Journey, then drive away and enjoy the DREAM!! The rest is just STUFF and can be replaced if necessary. My bet is you won't miss a thing and will purge even more stuff once you hit the road ;o))

  10. Mui went through reams of military paperwork when we decided to sell the house. Most of what he wanted to keep he scanned so we could eliminate at least some of the paper ... the rest ... well, that's for another round. Enjoy a sweet sleep in the Journey tonight.

  11. You've got to admit its getting better...


    A little better all the time...

  12. We filled a Salvation Army truck with our belongings. Have been on the road 6 years now. Get rid of as much as you can. We found out we don't need it gate guarding. Buy new when the old wears out.

  13. My worst dream was that there would be some mix up when it came time to retire and I wouldn't get credit for my time with RPD. I didn't relax until the second retirement check went in as an automatic deposit.
    We haven't sold our house yet but we got the rest of our stuff and furniture out of it last week and let me tell you, that's a weight off of our shoulders!

  14. You are finding out what ruthless really means. In getting rid of stuff held unto for ever, ruthless is the only way to go.

    I scanned all documents from the service I might need or want and the hard copies were burned.

    I may have gotten a bit carried away. Many of the plagues and commission certificates that were picked up over the years and were mounted in wooden plagues were actually used in a large camp fire our first night as full timers.

    So far, I cannot say I have missed anything. In the clothes department, as you may have noticed from our less than spiffy appearance if some of our pictures, less is better is the motto of the day:)

    Keep tossing that stuff!

  15. I purged most of my items about a year ago, and I still wonder why I kept half the stuff. Good that you kept all of your records though!

    Almost there!

  16. Hang in there.....
    It WILL be worth it.

  17. And you thought that OCD was a bad thing. :-) Just keep breathing.