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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holding Our Own

Busted some butt today working with the estate sale folks getting things set up for this weekend's sale.  I had two workers with me today moving and shaking things up.  I felt a bit like a ping pong ball as I was trying to get things I needed to do done and each one kept asking me questions:  "What about this?" or "Is this for sale", etc, etc, etc.  It really slowed down my work.  Marti was able to come home a couple of hours early from her office and that really helped take the load off my shoulders.

I brought the Journey over from the storage lot and we moved lots of things into it.  Funny, none of my clothes made it in, so I'm a wee bit under dressed, fortunately I found some gym shorts and a tee shirt to change into after my well needed shower.

We're sitting in the Journey listening to the rain on the roof at the Bull Run Regional Park campground.  We pulled into our site in the pitch black darkness. The campground in heavily treed and with all the leaves fallen it was hard to even see the road.  To top it off, we pulled into the same site that our friends Bob and Linda from Because We Can had when they visited here last week.  They had a problem with the 50 amp circuit on the power pedestal and it is still not fixed.  My Progressive Surge Guard indicated one of the two power legs in the socket doesn't work.  No biggy, we plugged in to the 30 amp plug and we're comfortable.

Going to hit the ground running again tomorrow, lots of details to do and things to cross off the list.  Please pardon us if we fall a little behind on the blog.  Marti has her eye surgery early Friday morning and with all the traffic in the Washington DC metro area, it'll be a very early morning for us.

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  1. Marti, God bless you as you have your surgery Friday.... Paul, may you have peace and tranquility in the midst of chaos.

  2. Marti, the best of luck to you Friday.
    You two need to do what you need to do for each other. You have much on your minds right now. The blog will get done when the blog gets done! We know you won't forget us :)

  3. Think of it as progress being made. Marti, good luck with the eye surgery on Friday. When you get a chance let us know how it's going.

  4. Good luck with the surgery. Never a fun thing, but it will be good to have it behind her.

  5. Glad to hear you are HOME tonight. We told the powers that be at the park about the 50 amp circuit not working, so looks like they are really slow with their repairs. Marti, wishing you success for your eye surgery on Friday.

  6. good luck on Friday, Marti..hope the surgery goes well and the recovery is quick and painless!!

  7. Congratulations and welcome to your first official night of full-timing! Soon you'll be heading down the road and enjoying the new lifestyle.

    Marti, good luck with your eye surgery on Friday, and we hope you have a full and quick recovery!

  8. Wow... You are one of them...

    We know you have lots to wrap up yet, but it still must feel great!!

    Hope Marti's eye surgery goes smoothly and recovery is a breeze!!

    We will wait patiently for the blog... Our wish is for all the final details to go as smoothly as possible:o))

  9. Hang in there it will be a crazy few days but you will make it. I hope they did not put your clothes for sale :)

  10. No apology needed -- you definitely have a lot on your plate right now. We all understand because many of us have been there. Take care, slow down and soon it will be nothing but enjoyment for you.

  11. The best to you Marti on your Eye Surgery, and good thought coming your way for your Estate Sale.

    Take Care

  12. I'm a bit behind in reading my favorite blogs and I see that you are now FULL TIMERS!! As of TODAY! CONGRATULATIONS!! You made it!

    Marti, I'd really love to know about your eye surgery given my current eye infection. I will be thinking of you tomorrow and wishing THE VERY BEST!!!