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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Marti's Musings: Down to the Wire

Well, as you read in Paul's last post, the house inspector wants us to upgrade the electic outlets to all GFI around the kitchen and laundry (but not the bathrooms????)  We are fighting that, as the outlets are on a main GFI located in the garage.  We should hear something today (Thursday) hopefully by noon.  There is now the possibility that the sale may fall through if we don't upgrade!  So, our already taut nerves are stretched to the max, and Paul is more than a little upset.  I have been up since 2:30 am - so I guess I rank in that category, too.  We are soooooo close! 

Because many of you have asked:  no, I haven't given my notice yet.  The realtors suggested waiting til the house inspection and appraisal all come in.  The appraisal should be in today, as well.  Once (if?) all that clears, I will give my 30 day notice.  yup, a whole month.  Of course, with the new turn of events, I am glad that I haven't let work know about the plans, just in case.....

Paul has many multi colored lists posted on the fridge as we forge ahead, assuming and praying that all goes forward.  He has done some work on the camper, in anticipation of our moving into that in just a few weeks, and we are nailing down dates for departure and routes we should take.

Talk about mixed emotions!  We will have nerves of steel before this is done - but it will still be worth it all.  We have to remind ourselves that it is in God's hands, and His timing is perfect. 

We'll keep you posted.  Thanks for all your prayers, support and encouragement - it means so much to us!


  1. I feel that it is wrong for the buyers to ask you to install the GFIs, but if push comes to shove, it comes down to how badly you want this sale to be completed.

  2. Is the inspector indicating it's a safety issue? I'm not sure how expensive that would be to have those replaced because I don't know what's involved. Hopefully, the buyers won't feel it's too big of a deal. Let's hope they love the home enough to go through with it.

  3. That surely is a pain in the neck. I hope you get some good news this afternoon. Breath deeply!

  4. Oh my! I'm on pins and needles for you. How much would it cost to cave in and do it and how long would it take and why in the world are they being so picky??? What's your realtor say? No need to answer just my musings.

    Hope you'll get the response in time to give notice and still make your plans work.

    Fingers STILL crossed for you!!

  5. we will all be hoping that all of this will come together and you will be out on the road before you know it!!..good luck with all the 'stuff'!..sorry you aren't sleeping..but I would be like you too..awake and thinking and hoping and praying!!

  6. I sure wouldn't let a few GFCI outlets bust my deal... I can sympathize with what you two are going thru since we were in the same spot just a short 8 months ago... you will survive it all!

  7. We had some of these same issues when we finally sold our house in a terrible market.

    It sort of comes down to this: If you have someone willing to buy and you have an agreed price, if you cannot agree on the last item, and you have to pay for a house you no longer want for even two or three more months-how much will that cost?

    We decided the cost of staying in a house we did not want was a lot more that any principle involved with a buyers demand in a buyers market. When you look at it only from the bottom line, then the decision on what to do gets easier.

  8. Yep, I agree with Chuck and Anneke. Not the time to nickle and dime yourself to death. Just do the GFI thing if you have to and get on with your plans and traveling. I don't think you will ever regret that decision.......

  9. Sounds like you just need to make sure the buyers know that you have a main GFI circuit and that should resolve their issue. Remember negotiate not fight.

    Can' wait to hear that Marti has given her notice. We are keeping a couple of chairs on the patio just for you guys.

  10. I feel for you. Not being able to sleep makes it worse. I know we will have to face all that someday when we get our house ready to sell and I am not looking forward to it. But I do agree with the others...don't let it be a deal breaker.

    You are right, God's timing is always perfect...even when we wish we could fast forward!

  11. I guess my first question would be, what does the National Electric Code say, is it ok or not. If it says a main GFI is ok, then nuff said. If it isn't then its a question of you or buyer spending the money. Trust me, I guarantee the buyer would not do it even if they accepted it without the GFI.
    My mom sold her house one month ago. Her house is impeccable. The inspectors report did the same thing, you would think it was dangerous to live in the house. They had an electrical item in there as well. My mom told the buyers, take it or leave it, she wasn't spending a penny to 'fix' anything in the report. She did it because she knew the buyers would probably not spend a penny fixing it if it was their house. Well, the buyers caved.
    In your case, how much money are we talking about? I think you can pick up GFI outlets for about 10-15dollars a piece. Even with six in a kitchen thats less than 100 dollars. You can install it and test it yourself, not hard to do.
    Good luck!


  12. Remember, everything has a price. If you don't feel like installing the GFI outlets, somebody else can. Or, maybe your buyer will forget about it for a price.

    We had a handful of things revealed in the inspection that we didn't have the time or inclination to handle. So, we proposed a number to cover it all and took that off the purchase price.

    You'll work something out. Meanwhile, our fingers and toes are crossed for you. Good luck!

  13. Still keeping our fingers crossed for you and hope you receive good news today. Can't wait until this whole thing is behind you and you're on the road!!

  14. can't wait to hear your end result...praying all goes well for you with the sale..and the 'notice'....don't understand these inspectors at all..if your already main GFI what the heck is the problem...good luck..

  15. When I went through selling the house to go on the road, I came down with mysterious blisters on my arms. Don't let it get to you. This too will pass.

  16. Anxiously waiting to hear the news of Marti's notice of resignation ... smart to hold off until all the t's are crossed and i's are dotted. Hopefully, the buyers will realize that with a central circuit it's a non-issue; if not, it'd be worth the price to get on the road IMHO. The safety inspector said the same thing for two outlets in the bath that came installed w/o GFI from the original construction. The opposing realtor said it was BS and told the purchaser as much. Continuing to keep fingers crossed here :-))