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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Little Things Adding Up

Details, detail, details.  The Devil is in the details, and boy do we have a lot of them. 

Today started out as a lovely day, sunny, even warm.  I love wearing shorts and go into mourning when the weather gets so cold I have to resort to blue jeans.  Because it was so nice, I gladly broke out the shorts.  I'm going to miss them on our trip out to Oregon next month.

Trying to make my day fruitful, I  had to do a little housekeeping, we're trying not to slack off from the show ready condition of the house.  We found we like it that way but lately, we've been slacking off around the edges.  A couple of dishes in the sink, a not so smoothly made bed.  Yeah, our standards are getting a little loose.

I have a big roll top desk that is our business center, lots of important, and not so important papers get filed there.  The not so important papers needed to be shredded, so I began grinding away, until...silence.  Yep, killed the shredder.  Now with a bunch of documents piled on the dining room table, the standards were lowered a little more.  New item on the "To Do" list for today, buy a new shredder.

But before I could run down that detail, I had to run over to Marti's office, we had a conference call with our financial advisor.  We have to convert some of the monetary benefit packages Marti had as well as her 401K to safer, more advantages financial plans to grow for our future.  We also kicked around a couple of ideas for the proceeds we'll get from our house sale.  Someday we'll have to hang up the keys and settle down again, so planning for that eventuality is important for us.

With that done it was off to get a new shredder.  Along the way I stopped into our storage facility to take a fast look at what we have in there.  Our son Corey is coming down this weekend from NJ to pick up some items that he wants.  I had almost forgotten how much we've crammed into it.

I bought a new, heavy duty shredder and some coffee for Marti's much loved Keurig coffee maker.  She's a beautiful lady, but much easier to live with after she enjoys that first cup in the morning.  After about a half hour, the non essential papers were disposed of.

I also talked to our insurance agent, we've been with this agent and Nationwide for the past 13 years and have received great service from them.  The bummer is they don't provide insurance in South Dakota, where we've just opened our new mailing address.  This complicates things because we have to register the Journey and the Element there, so a new company must be found before we can take care of that.  Our agent said there is no real grace period after we sell the house to remain insured with them until we register in SD, so it looks like we'll have to buy a new policy quickly.

While waiting for a return phone call from the insurance agent on a question, I had the termite inspector stop by to do the required termite inspection.  I'm glad to report there are no hungry bugs munching our house.

The termite guy left, still no call from the agent, so I went to our garage to tinker with the scooters.  I just changed the oil and installed new batteries, but they were not running as well as they should.  Considering the gas in their tanks is over two years old, it's a wonder they ran at all. 

Out came my syphon hose and I took out all the old fuel and refilled them with some fresh gas.  Took them for a spin around the neighborhood (in my shorts, t-shirt and helmet) and they were running as they should. Phew!  Actually it was a pretty long spin (twice) but the day was so beautiful...

A return call from the the insurance agent revealed that she needs to dig a little deeper into my insurance question, so I'll hear back in a couple of days.  It figures there won't be an easy answer.

Another call came in from my local Freightliner shop.  I took the Journey over last week to have the valves in our Cat diesel adjusted.  Cat requires a valve adjustment before 40K miles, we have 38K miles so it was due.  Once the initial 40K adjustment is done, it doesn't need to be readjusted until 150K miles.  I think we should be good for another year (or two).  The work has been completed so I have to pick up the Journey tomorrow and take it back to the storage lot.

Before I knew it, I got another call, from Marti.  She was leaving her office and would be home in about 10 minutes, so I got supper going.  A few more items crossed off the lists on the fridge.  And a new one added, the ice maker stopped working.  I'll squeeze that in somewhere. 

A full day made up of little details, and there is still plenty left to keep me busy.  This retirement lifestyle sure is a busy one!

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  1. sounds like a full day!!..filled with some fun and not so fun chores!!!

  2. Boy, I'm tired just reading about all that you accomplished. And to think, we're going to have to start thinking about these things next year ... better get all of my other projects done, and soon.

  3. Wow..the little details getting done! Just an FYI..when we bought our Montana, I got ahold of Miller's Insurance (the ones Howard & Linda recommend) they are TERRIFIC! We have our two vehicles and RV switched through them with GMAC. When we get our SD address, they will get it switched. Very knowledgeable.

  4. Hope it was a teey weeie shredder so it will fit nicely in the Journey. I would say from my experience you won't have such long lists of things "to do" but with your schedule maybe not! :-)

  5. You need to have full time insurance on the motorhome once you had out.

    I have used mostly USAA Insurance for over 40 years. When we went full time, since they do not provide full time motorhome insurance, they set us up with Progressive.

    They are not cheap but have good coverage. We have experience with their claims, as well. In our second month on the road, we were hit by a drunk driver. They were great and went out of their way to take care of us and let us handle the repairs how we wanted.

  6. Hard to imagine that you ever had time to work eh!

  7. I'd say you had quite the full day. I think I need a nap :)

    I burned out our shredder at the end too. Our new heavy duty one dispensed of the remainder in record time. Now it only gets used occasionally but works pretty good as a "table" between our recliners :)

  8. WOW! You have been busy people. However, we also had Nationwide Insurance and have had it for years and years. We transferred our policy from Washington to Texas and also on to South Dakota! Our motorhome and both of our vehicles are insured by Nationwide in South Dakota. Hmmmm.

  9. Don't tell anyone but I did most of our shredding at work. Our shredder is going in the last yard sale on Saturday. We won't need it on the road.

  10. the ice maker line may just be frozen at the inlet. . .that's what always happens with ours. . .good luck.