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Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Last Details

We're having a great time visiting with grandsons Andrew and Owie this Thanksgiving weekend.  The turkey was fried this year and was delicious.  What a great way to cook a turkey!

Our dining room table looked great in Heather's dining room.

It was a wonderful day with too many goodies to eat and lots of football to watch while digesting all that food.

The next day, Black Friday, was spent not shopping, but getting set up for the next big event...Christmas!
Out came the boxes of decorations.  Daddy Brian and the boys went to work assembling the tree.

Andrew got to put the star on the top of the tree.  Owie supervised him to make sure he got it in the right place.

Now for some obligatory Christmas pictures of the boys.

Sadly, we won't be spending Christmas with the boys this year so later today we'll let them open one gift we've brought them.  We're going to spend Christmas in Oregon with our granddaughters Taylor and Kierra.  We haven't spent Christmas with them since their daddy, Ryan, was transferred from NYC to Astoria, Oregon almost four years ago.

Sunday, we leave South Carolina to head home to the Journey in our car (with cruise control and XM radio!) to finish Marti's last week of work.  I have the last little details to take care of like sell said car and get all the utilities for our "old" house turned off and finish the last of the address changes.  We have a follow up visit with Marti's eye doctor and her "surprise" retirement party Wednesday night.  She already figured out her staff was up to something, it's hard to pull the wool over her eyes.  I've been trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to do it to her for years.

A week from today (Saturday) we'll be heading North to NJ to start our trek to Oregon via Sioux Falls, SD.  We can't believe our full timing plans have come to fruition.  Somebody pinch us, please!

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  1. we can feel the excitment!..consider yourselves pinched!!..enjoy the last week of work and then onwards to the west coast!!!

  2. Such a wonderful adventure. Brings back those memories of when we headed out. And I still feel that same excitement whenever we're ready to move again after sitting in one spot for awhile. Enjoy and be safe.

  3. I have the same feelings as Jim and Sandie, I feel the excitement with every move. It's so great to see you guys able to fulfil your dream! See you soon.

  4. I hope the winter storms hold off until you make it to the coast. SD can be a not so friendly place in the winter.

  5. From one set of grandchildren to the other - I know you are loving that. Wishing you safe travels home, good news from the eye doctor, good luck selling the car and a mild winter to get you to Oregon. Glad I get to go along and see how this great odyssey of yours pans out!!

  6. Looks like a great time. We too are fully engaged in Christmas prep.

  7. FRIED TURKEY?????? What would the Pilgrims think???/ :>)
    Glad you had a good holiday and are getting on the road.

    We start full time April 4, 2012.

    My best to you guys - hope we meet on the road sometime.

    Dick Secor

  8. We are SOOOOOO happy for the two of you!! Glad you got a little Christmas Time with the boys. How nice that you finally get to spend a Christmas with the girls:o))

    You have a lot of miles to travel in the next few weeks so our wish for you is...

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails....

  9. Your grandkids are adorable! They really look like they're into that Christmas tree too.

    Good luck on your last week of tying up loose ends. I can just see the grins on your faces :)

  10. A different set of grandkids for each of the family holidays. How fun! When I was growing up, we too used to put the Christmas tree up the day after T'giving.

  11. Even though you won't get to spend Christmas with the boys, at least you got to participate in part of the festivities. They were probably thrilled you were there to enjoy it with them.

    My daughter has bits of pieces of our furniture too. It's like going home.

    Be safe on your travels. It's winter, you know! The best days of your life are still just ahead!!

  12. when we downsized this past summer getting ready to hit the road..we gave our kids alot of the furniture that wouldn't fit in the new place..and I feel so good every time I visit and see it all :) truly is like going home...