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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ten Pounds of Stuff in the Five Pound Bag

I've come to realize that having cruise control in a vehicle is one of mankind's greatest inventions.  And how did I learn this?  By driving a heavily packed (crammed in) U-Haul truck 500 miles that didn't have cruise control.

Marti and I pulled out of our almost formally driveway yesterday (the house sale closes on Monday) with the tow dolly empty.  Trying as hard as I could, in the pouring rain, I could not get the tire straps to release, so we decided to drive to the U-Haul place and see if they could rectify the problem.  Marti followed me in the car, (driving with one eye) and arrived safely with no mowed down trees, cars or pedestrians.

Then the U-Haul store manager helped me undo the tie downs.  When we had picked up the truck and dolly the day before, the employee that gave us the equipment never showed me the secret to what position the tie down ratchet handle had to be in (straight up) before it would release the strap.

In no time we loaded the car, secured it and headed down Rt. 95.  At 11 am.  Nothing like an early start.

Marti rested her eyes, the eye she had surgery on is doing well, but it looks awful.  It is bloodshot and when people see it when we're together, I get from them these funny looks, like they know I'm a wife beater.  Anyway, every day is an improvement and she should be fine in another couple of weeks.

I drove and after a while my gas pedal foot started cramping, so I tried changing positions, sliding higher in the seat, sliding lower, moving more to the right, finally giving up and trying to use my left foot.  Nothing really worked well, I'd have used my hand on the pedal but then I wouldn't have been able to see over the dashboard.  So I suffered along and had to shake my leg and do stretching exercises at every gas stop and potty break.  Yes, I've been spoiled.

We arrived at Heather and Brian's house at about 8 pm and Andrew and Owie were standing out on the front porch waiting for us.

Then came the fun, unloading the truck and carrying all the boxes we were storing in their attic.  The proverbial 10 pounds of stuff in the 5 pound bag.  I don't  know how Brian did it but he jigsaw puzzled all the boxes away and fit them in somehow.  Did I ever tell you how brilliant my son-in-law is? :c)

We gave Heather our dining room table, chairs and hutch.  They look very nice in her dining room, much better than in our Journey...

Today, we had some Turkey Day preparations going on.  Marti, Heather and the boys were making some Oreo cookies turkeys.

This is what they look like when they are finished.

                                          This one looks like Marti's eye.

While they Oreo cookie turkeys were being assembled, Brian, the nuclear engineer, was assembling the turkey fryer.  He said building nuclear reactors are easier.

So we are on our way, on Monday, the closing on our house takes place and we are officially fulltimers.  As we look back on the adventure to get the house sold, we couldn't have done it without the help of our kids, early on Heather and her boys spent several days helping us clean out the basement, then Corey and DIL Amanda helped us get things sorted out and packed away, and helped me load the truck.  At South Carolina, Brian, Heather, Andrew and Owie helped unload, carry up to the attic and stow the special things we're keeping for our someday in the future stix-n-brix.  Even though our son Ryan and DIL Amber are way out in Oregon, they kept in touch with us and offered lots of encouragement to keep us focused.

We are thankful for many things but especially our kids.  They are the best!

So we hope you all have a great day tomorrow!

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  1. Sounds like you are in for a great Thanksgiving and a clutter free life:)

  2. So happy this will soon be behind. Many fun times are ahead for you.

    You're right ... kids AND grandkids are absolutely the best!! They'll also love sharing your adventures with you on the road!!

    Congratulations on all your unloading! See you in "Q" !!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Those are my kind of turkeys. You really could have some fun with Marti's eye but you probably should behave yourself. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, a great closing, and we'll see you in Q.

  4. On our Uhaul the seat belt buzzer would not always go off even though I was buckled up. One one stretch it buzzed for 3 hours. I though I would go crazy. Have a great thanksgiving.

  5. What a wonderful family you have! We're ecstatic that everything is coming together for you guys.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. I've never seen a Thanksgiving Turkey cake. VERY FINE!!

    What a very fine family you have to help you on your way and to wish you well. There are full timers whose families are not at all in favor of their choice. Lucky you!!

  7. Glad you have arrived safely in Columbia and have the tough work done. Now it is time to enjoy your wonderful family:o))

    Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving!! Love that chocolate cake. Safe travels.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving! We are waiting for Monday also :) We are getting tired of holding onto this bottle of wine! heehee

    Travel safely.

  10. Aren't you just plain old excited? I am...for you!

  11. Have a great Thanksgiving!!..enjoy the family..wonder where you will be this time next year??

  12. It's great having help, and familiy is the best when it comes to passing on stuff. Love the Turkey cookies!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving and see you on the road!!!