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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Staying On Course

We're glad Friday is over, for a number of reasons.  First of all, the surgery on Marti's eye went well.  Her operation was over in less than an hour.  She even left the surgery center wearing a new accessory.

She only had to keep the patch on for the day, by evening, when the eye surgeon called to check up on her, she was allowed to take it off.  She has a bit of double, blurry vision but it is slowly clearing up.  It will be a while before everything is back to normal, but she is on course to make a full recovery.  Thanks for keeping Marti in all your thoughts and prayers.

After getting Marti back to the Journey (home), I went over to our house to finish removing the last things that we needed to take out before the  estate sale started on Saturday.   As I walked around the house and looked at the prices the estate sale folks had put on some of our things, I felt they were pretty low.  I added a number "1" in front of some of the prices, hope they don't notice the change and collect that amount.

I loaded up the Element to the roof. We've got a few piles in the Journey that Marti and I are working on to find places for, a closet, a cabinet or a bag slated for donations.

I got our DirecTV service changed over to the Distant Network Service (DNS) and sent back the old boxes we no longer need.  It went very easily.  Our new mailing address in South Dakota is in all set up.

I wish I'd have better luck with our transfer or purchase of vehicle insurance.  You'd think in this economy, insurance companies would be chaffing at the bit to get new business.  With all the ads on TV, you might believe they are dying to make more money.  Not.

I have been looking at three different companies and I can't get any agent to return my phone calls or emails.  I don't understand it, I brush my teeth, shower regularly and wear deodorant.

Sunday evening, I have to go back over to the house, hopefully an empty one, and take out the trash.  Monday, we sign our portion of the house sale papers and then pick up the rental truck to clear out our storage unit.  Tuesday, we head down to South Carolina to our daughter Heather's house to store those items and enjoy Thanksgiving with her, Brian and especially Andrew and Owie, our grandsons.

We are on course to get it all done.  It's slow going at times, but it'll be great to leave it all behind and roll on down the road.

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  1. I sure would not go with a insurance company that would not even call me back to take my money. just imagine how it is going to be when I have a claim

  2. Glad marti's eye surgery went well. Hope all goes well the estate sale. Paul we use a couple for insurance that we learned of from Nick over at the Gypsy Journal. They are full timers and escapees also, very nice folks. Might want to check them out.

    Chris and Charles Yust

    C&C Marketing and Insurance
    (936) 425-5041
    Fax (866) 282-5420

  3. Paul, since full timing I have had both GMAC and currently Progressive, Both of which write full timers policies and both of which will give you an on-line quote.

    Glad Marti's on the mend.

  4. Thanks for posting so openly about what you are going thu. It gives me a feeling for what our future will be like.

  5. get well soon Marti!!..good luck with the estate sale!..we are all hoping that all the stuff will be gone on Sunday night!!

  6. Marti, glad your surgery went well. Rest and relax and let Paul wait on you this week :)
    Hope the sale is very successful this weekend.
    Safe travels to SC & Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Glad to hear your surgery went well Marti and that Paul too is apparently recovered.

    Did you guys try those insurance folks at Miller?? Hope they aren't the ones that won't call you back. I've always thought you smelled fine Paul.

  8. It felt so good to empty out the house. Hope it all goes well for you this weekend. We need to take some of those final steps soon too.

  9. You are almost at the end... and we are all here pulling for you!

    Perhaps did you consider the insurance company in SD that everyone recommends in the blogs when they go full-timing? Sounds like the know their stuff and are used to the unique situation that fulltimers are in. ....

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  10. So happy to hear Marti's surgery went well. Things are definitely coming together and the hard part is almost over. What a great Thanksgiving you are going to have.

  11. Well it appears you two are really headed in the right direction. Glad the surgery went smoothly and Marti will be good as new quickly. Hope Paul is recovering as well.

    Don't worry about the price on the stuff you no longer want and will never think about again once you drive away!! All of that STUFF is from your former dream and now you are on to the new DREAM!!

    Congratulations... Hope to be right behind you!!!

  12. So happy to hear that Marti's surgery went well. Low prices for what we once considered treasures seems par for the course. As Mui said at the time we sold our stuff, at least we won't be hauling them or storing them. Have fun in SC.

    (P.S. thanks for the comment on my domiciling post; looks like we have similar reasons for choosing SD.)

  13. Glad to hear (and see!)that things went well with Marti's eye surgery. As above, did you call Miller's? They were terrific!!

  14. glad to see the surgery went smoothly - don't know if it will help but I wrote a blog about insurance when we got ours

  15. And, Marti didn't shoot you for posting that picture of the one-eyed-wife?

    Funny about the insurance companies not getting back to you. I guess in this economy it sure says a lot about customer service!!

  16. I have GMAC Insurance through Dorherty (sp) which is right near Alternative Resources.

    Glad the surgery went well.

  17. So, so, so many details! I know you will be glad to get on the full time road so you can finally slow down and stop a bit! Also glad Marti's surgery went well. And good luck with the sale.

  18. So glad to hear Marti's surgery went well. Hopefully a full and quick recovery is next for both of you.

    We use Miller Insurance. They have been very helpful and patient with us.

    Good luck with the estate sale and have a safe trip to SC.

  19. Love the picture of Marti and glad the surgery went well. Good luck with that extra '1'! :-D

  20. Howdy Marti & Paul,
    Sure am glad Marti's surgery went well and NO COMPLICATIONS!! So, sad
    that the Chief is under the weather
    in the middle of all this.. Hope the sale went well and got everything sold out of the house.. Chief, maybe you'd better find a place to R&R, before you take off for the Northwest and get rid of that cold.. The trip won't be fun if you are sick the whole way.. I have found and my sister's doc told her to use Musinex D.. IT WORKS!!!
    Y'all have Happy Thanksgiving with
    the family.. We're praying for y'all's health to return before you head West..

  21. I feel ya. . .isn't it amazing that other folks just don't appreciate "our stuff" the way we do.

    We sold a four BR house, garage, and craft shed full of stuff. . .probably only cleared about $6000 for all our treasures. . .but we were so glad just to have it all gone. . .

    By the time you read this. . .it will almost be over. . .and you will be starting your new journey.

    Safe travels,

  22. Hope Marti's recovery is quick. Sounds like things are moving right along for you guys

  23. Great to see all is just sailing along for you..hope the place is empty by this evening...glad Marti's surgery went well ...will be watching for estate sale results ...take care :)

  24. Glad Marti's surgery went well. Hope your SD address is NOT America's Mailbox! I love Geico for ins - they now understand fulltime RVers. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!!