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Monday, November 14, 2011

Grinding Away At The Grind

Things are moving into high gear now.  The closing date is growing closer and we're hustling to get things done.  I already killed one paper shredder and I keep overheating the new one I bought, it has an auto shutdown feature which takes 30 minutes to reset.  That slows down progress. (Grrr!)

I had to start the day by running down to my Honda dealer, the battery on the Element started acting (actually not acting) up and barely cranking the engine over since the cooler weather has hit.  It also needed an oil change, a transmission fluid change, a brake fluid change which I was going to do next week, but got it all done today, plus an alignment and tire rotation.  I want to have everything done when we hit the road in about 20 days.

Spent a good amount of time in between shredder shut downs going through my closet again, weeding out even more clothes to send to the Salvation Army.  Never realized I had so many T-shirts.  Plus I've been playing phone tag with a few insurance agents to get our vehicles insured in South Dakota.

Tomorrow the estate sale folks come to start setting up the house for this weekend's sale.  We don't feel like we're ready but we'll rely on their expertise to get it done.  We're going to dedicate our front den room as the last to be set up so we can stack the items that are going into the Journey so we can get them out of their way.  Wednesday I'll bring the Journey over from the storage lot so we can load (stuff) it and then Thursday we're starting our two week stay at the Bull Run Regional Park campground.

The biggy is Friday Marti has to have an operation on her eye to correct a minor issue before it becomes a bad problem later in life.  Originally the surgery was scheduled for last month but there was an overbooking of the operating room so it got pushed back to this Friday.  She'll be off all next week to recuperate.  Hopefully she'll not have any post surgery issues because we're taking a load of furniture to daughter Heather's house in a rental truck next Tuesday.  She'll have to follow down in our car so we have a way home (to the Journey).  We'll spend Thanksgiving with Heather, Brian and the boys before coming home for Marti's last week of work.

All the chaos is a bit daunting (read downright scary) but we're sure it will all work out well.

When it's all done, we'll be out on the road and look at each other and realize there is nothing left to do... it'll be a great feeling.

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  1. It's times like this that you probably feel like you would like to have a clone or two running around to help.

  2. It will soon be over except for the fun times. Just hang in there. We'll all be thinking about Marti on Friday.

  3. Oh goodness eye surgery. marti and I seem to have echo problems of each other. Hope my "infection" which seems worse now that he's treating it doesn't turn into the same thing.

    You two are definitely getting "short" as they say! Fun times ahead!

    Oh BTW, all that "work" we were doing was spread out over weeks, not days like yours. Once a year we show back up and clean things up and then it's off again. At least until we decide to dump the farm. :-) If we ever can.

  4. Good luck on the eye surgery Marti! I'm sure everything will work out fine and very shortly, you'll be on your way :) Woohoo!

  5. good luck with the surgery, Marti, and you will be amazed when you look back at all this. Like labor, I think, when birthing something you forget the hard parts and only remember the joy. You are birthing a new life.

  6. We so wish we were doing the same things as you and Marti..packing..purging and packing some more..good luck with the next few days and the surgery on Friday!!

  7. Nothing like a little organized panic to keep the juices flowing!

  8. I so look forward to copious paper shredding when we move back home! Even if it means burning up a couple machines. It'll be worth it.
    You'll get through this.
    Eye surgery makes me cringe. Hope that goes well.
    Try to have fun!

  9. Eye Surgery...Oh My!! Hope all goes will:o))

    Well, it sounds like the adrenaline is flowing. It will all come together and you will start living THE DREAM!

    Don't forget to wave on the way to your daughters;o))

  10. Hope the eye surgery goes well. We are so happy everything is coming together. However, we have to report there is always something that needs doing.

  11. Everything will be fine! God has his hands in the plans :)

  12. Wish we were running around doing things to get ready to go on the road and not to get ready for projects at work. Marti, good luck with the eye surgery and here's to quick healing.

  13. Excitement building ~ Wow I remember so well! Soon it'll all be behind you and you'll have a new set of things to thinks about... Of course they'll be a lot more fun!!! I hope you love it as much as we do!
    Good luck to Marti with her eye surgery!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  14. So, when you're out on the road and look at each other thinking there is nothing else to do, I'll bet you come up with other things to do. However, those things will have nothing to do with the house and nothing to do with getting ready. It'll be the fun things you've dreamed about doing!!

    See ya on the road!

  15. This too shall pass. Good luck with the surgery.

  16. We didn't feel like we were ready for our estate sale either, but those folks are great at what they do and it's amazing how quickly they pull it all together. Once that's over with you'll feel a huge weight lifted off your shoulders.

    Best of luck to Marti on Friday!

  17. There is light at the end of the tunnel. And, it's not an oncoming train! It's many fun adventures and relaxing times ahead for you two. When we think back to how much we accomplished in our last week or so in the house we are still amazed at it all. It will soon be a distant memory. Hang in there!

    Best wishes to Marti on her surgery. Take care!

  18. Howdy Chief & Marti,

    Marti, you're on our prayerlist for your eye operation.. Sending good thoughts your way and waiting for my cuzzin's birthday(Nov. 28th) so y'all can head away out West.. I has been a looong sweat getting y'all loose and gone!!!
    If y'all were going thru Tennessee you could hook a trailer on behind
    ol' Element, load you 'treasures in it and take it to Donna & Stu in
    Cookeville, where they have the
    loooongest garage sale in the USA,
    from Aladambama to Ohio!! Of course you may have to ask them first..
    It'll be over soon and that beautiful 'bus' will be your home
    and your lives are going to be full of great adventures, as my
    g-g-son says!! Every time he climbs aboard our Georgie Boy!!!
    God bless,

  19. It will be over before you realize it.
    Good luck on the eye surgery, Marti. We're thinking of you guys.

  20. good luck with the eye surgery Marti..we will be thinking of you...I should smile when I say you folks are 'befuddled' right now there is so much going on...I know exactly how you feel....we were there all summer, downsizing purging and renovating..:) now its just a matter of finish loading the MH and turning the will feel relief when is all done :)