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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A New Addition and Venting My Spleen

The West Coast came through, after we were in bed, worn out from all the Trick-or-Treaters that descended on our house yesterday.  Three huge bags of candy ($45 worth) and all that's left is a couple of little mini candy bars.  I guess it's for the best, as much as I love left overs, there's not enough left to add a fraction of an inch to my waistline.

Our granddaughters, Taylor and Keirra had a great time looting, er, I mean touring their neighborhood picking up donations for their candy cache.  They are our little princesses and they dressed and looked the part, although I think Taylor is a spidery princess.

We can't wait to see them over Christmas out in Oregon if all goes right with our house sale.

As for the house sale, I received the report today from the home inspector, all twenty four pages of it.  He nit-picked everything to death, well beyond actual discrepancies, he inserted way too much personal opinion.  I offered to stay and assist him with my knowledge of our house and its systems.  He didn't want me around.  Looking back, that is probably a good thing, because I probably would have thrown him out. 

The way he wrote the report, you'd think this was the house from the Tom Hanks movie The Money Pit and the house is going to collapse in a heap any minute.  There are things he said weren't working when it's obvious he couldn't find the proper switch to turn the item on.

Fortunately, the buyers have asked for me to fix just two things, a couple of stuck windows from fresh paint and install GFI wall sockets around the kitchen sink.  The kitchen sink wall sockets are already on a whole house GFI circuit, so that doesn't have to be done.  I called my realtor and explained how that system is set up and to tell the buyer's realtor we won't be doing any modification to that circuit.  It will be interesting to see where this goes.

If the buyers back out, plan B will go into effect, I got a solid job offer in my field today. (Gasp!)

Despite the home inspector's insulting report, there is special news in our house today.  I'd like to show you a picture of our newest granddaughter!

Actually, this is a picture of our daughter-in-law, Amanda, Corey's wife (and her dog Madison) on the beach in New Jersey.  See that little bump in her tummy?  That's our newest granddaughter, due in March 2012.  They found out today it's a girl!  Now if they can just agree on a name... :c)

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  1. Another grand daughter in the that's good news!

    Too bad about the house inspector. Doesn't seem to be a problem with the buyer though so that's good.

  2. Who paid this inspector? Has your realtor seen the report?? Sheesh. How long do they have to back out? SIGH..........

    Congratulations on the job offer although I didn't realize you were really looking. But I don't want Plan B either. How will you be at all the events you have planned???
    I really wanted to see how you were going to manage all this country criss crossing you had planned.

  3. Those surveyors are, I imagine, trying to impress the customer with the effort they made. I am sure most of it is boilerplate stuff. Sounds like their realtor kept the clients on track, since they only mentioned two items and one is a not starter-just another failure of the inspector to get the facts correct. I cannot imagine that they would back out of the deal over that, unless they developed cold feet and were looking for a excuse.

  4. Sounds like you have reasonable buyers if they don't want a lot fixed. Good luck.

  5. The home inspectors are hired by and paid for by the buyers. They always seem to have to justify their fees :)
    I agree with others. Their agent has kept them on track and they've only picked a couple items to be done. Chances are, you have no worries.

  6. darn house inspectors!!..hope everything falls into place!! as for the new granddaughter?..if she looks anything like her mom?..she is going to be a beauty!!!

  7. You can't take all that nit-picking personally. If he said everything was great, the inspector would look like he didn't do his job. Even though I'm sure everything is perfect!

    hang in there.

  8. It is the inspectors job to find everything and anything that is, could be, or might be wrong. Since he is paid by the buyer, he is covering his butt in the event that there is a problem, after the sale, the buyers cannot come back to him.

    We have sold 16 houses and every inspection report was just like yours!! We would decide what we were willing to do and then basically tell the buyers to take it or leave it. We never had one buyer back out;o))

    Now if we could just find buyer 17;o((

  9. I agree with Nancy/Bill. From a buyer's perspective...when I bought my last house..the inspection came back horrible..but I loved the house so much, I ignored half of the remarks. My buyers of the same house did the same! Amazing..when you find the house you want, some of the finds don't really matter at all!

  10. Don't be insulted. That is what they are paid to do. I have always just offered the buyer a little cash ($500-$1000) and told them to fix what they think is important.

  11. I always wondered what a spleen was good for. Now I know. :)

  12. With all the work you have done, and then get a lengthly inspection report, how frustrating... Congratulations on your newest grand-daughter, also congratulations on your Plan B job offer, but hope you won't need a plan B. See you on Sat night!

  13. Man, I gotta get me a job as one of those inspectors! I'm sure I could find a whole whack to "stuff" in just about any house I walked into, even a brand new place.
    Between that and doing RV repairs, I think I'd have it made.
    What a load of malarkey. (not your post....the inspection, but you knew that.)

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