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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Marti's Musings: Just a quick note

Just wanted to make a quick note -

While I have been busily going full force at work, keeping things running as well as trying to wrap things up, Paul has been busily tying up loose ends.

You know those silly little things, like address changes and banking changes....  never mind trying to grab the clothes we need for the next 'X' number of years (good grief, if you only knew how much I pack for a long weekend!!!!) ...

On top of that, this daggone eye surgery scheduled for tomorrow (and a big THANK YOU for all the well wishes) and today Paul went to the doc for a chronic cough and general malaise (hard to believe with all that is going on, but he has been feeling under the weather for too long) - so he is on antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection, allergy meds and cough medicine.

So, as usual things around here are boring as all get-out with nothing to do.  HA!  If you believe that one, we are selling a beautiful bridge in NYC.  

We'll post more later.  Thanks for your support, it sure helps!  ~Marti 


  1. Marti - We'll be thinking about tomorrow, hoping all will go well.

    Your post reminds us of one of those many "to-dos" we forgot about. On our "getaway day" just after we had hooked the Jeep to the Tour, we got a call from our realtor. Our buyer had tried to start phone service, but couldn't because we had forgotten to disconnect ours! (Ooops!)

    There we were, just pulling out on our great fulltiming adventure, and I was dialing Pacific Bell to cancel our phone service.

    Chances are you'll forget something. But, chances are it'll make a great story down the road.

    Good luck!

  2. Best wishes to Marti on her eye surgery and Paul for a speedy recovery. Too much stress can do strange things.

  3. Hope you are both well and raring to go in a day or two. Just breathe.....

  4. Marti!..good luck tomorrow.. I know Paul will keep us all posted on your recovery progress!!..we wish a successful surgery and a quick recovery!!!

  5. All of this is a major life change, no wonder Paul is sick. I hope you both find some time to rest and take care of yourselves this weekend.

    If something goes undone, time will take care of it.

  6. OK is time to take care of YOU!!

    Hope surgery goes well and perhaps you BOTH can just chill at Bull Run this weekend and get your health back for the trip south next week.

    Take care of you and the rest will fall in place. Nothing is more important that your health :o))

  7. Looking forward to reading that the surgery went well and that you're well on the road to recovery. Reading the posts on this blog these past weeks is like peeking into our future in a year ... I'm feeling your pain ... and your excitement.

  8. Saying special prayers this morning that all goes well. Paul - for you too! All this added stress sure doesn't help you health woes!

  9. Wishing you the best today on your erye surgery. And, of course, hope Paul recovers from his bout of illness.

  10. You'll both be breathing fresh air soon! Best wishes on this mornings surgery.

  11. Just got time to catch up on my favorite bloggers and let you know I'm thinking about you and your surgery today Marti.

    Sorry to hear Paul's under the weather. We seem to have questionable close connections here with our ankles and eyes and Paul's upper respiratory infection and antibiotics. David has bilateral pneumonia just diagnosed on Wednesday and is on antibiotics too.

    We need to get together and expand the other things we have in common.

    Thinking of you both and waiting to hear things are good.

  12. Good luck with your eye surgery tomorrow Marti ~ It is nice seeing a post from you! Hope Paul is feeling better really soon too!

  13. Hope your eye surgery goes well and that Paul feels better. Easier days are coming soon.

  14. Thinking of you guys today. Marti, I hope your eye surgery went well. And Paul, I hope you are feeling better!