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Monday, November 7, 2011

Marti's Musings: It's getting emotional

So, I posted on Friday that I had turned in my letter and resigned.  The beginning of the end!  Saturday, we met and went to dinner with FT'ers Bob and Linda - that sure was fun, and reaffirmed the decision that FT RVing is what we want to do.

Sunday, we went to lunch with our long time friends (25+years!) John and Cathy.  We have known them since our kids were in elementary school.  We have a lot in common with them, raised our kids together, attended the same church (even taught each other's kids in Sunday School!), plus John and Paul had similar careers and even worked together on some investigations, both in NYC and DC.  Yeah, it was tough saying goodbye to them.  Emotional.  We know we will catch up with them down the road somewhere.

Today, I informed my staff that I am retiring.  Wow.  The tears, the disbelief, the upset.  The C.O.O. of the company called - we worked closely up til about a year ago- a pretty emotional conversation.  Then this afternoon, the announcement was made at a corporate executive meeting.  And it got even more ..... emotional.

We don't doubt our decision.  Being able to spend more time with family is a huge payoff.  And frankly, we can't wait!!  But still.... it's emotional.

The purpose of this blog has been following our journey to Full Timing, you've seen the trials, triumphs - now, keeping it real... it's just emotional.  I am a hands on manager, I have worked with some of my staff more than 5 years - there are close relationships that will continue long past the job ends, but that doesn't negate the emotions of preparing for departure.

We are grateful for technology that will allow up to stay in touch with folks that hold a piece of our hearts. We are in a whirlwind.  We will be moving into the RV next week, mid week, so that the house can get set up for the estate sale next weekend.  The week after that is Thanksgiving, and then a final week of work, ending December 2nd.  It's gonna be a whirlwind, and yup - emotional - this next month.

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  1. It IS hard to say good bye to friends. But, thank goodness, we have the internet with all it's bells and whistles!

    I think full timing will be such a cool experience.... and a huge learning experience. There is so much about this country we have to discover!

    Where do you head first?

  2. Look at it this way-that is really all good emotions. If they had cheered and were glad you were out the door. That would be a different emotion.

    They are indicating that enjoyed working with you and will miss you.

    If there is one thing that everyone in a leadership role in the service has learned early on is: no one is irreplaceable- and that actually is a very good thing:)

    Enjoy those positive emotions-you earned them!

  3. Sometimes it is difficult to leave the past behind but just look at the future that awaits you. You will wonder how you ever had time to work. You'll have time to get to know your grandkids even more. You'll be making memories with them. Memories they will share with their children. You'll have an opportunity to be where you want, when you want. And, then .... you'll also get to meet ME!

  4. Your emotions are normal, but just look ahead to what waits for you.

  5. I completely understand the water works and the heartache. I cried and giggled with glee (at the same time!!!!) at my going away party. Talk about mixed emotions!!

  6. Your friends will always be there. You will find out which ones are just work friends, and which are life friends. I have been surprised in both directions over the years as I had to move to new places because of my husbands work. Family is still the most important.

  7. You have true, close friends that you will miss and they will miss you. How sad it would be if there were no one. Maybe a little emotion is a good thing?
    You'll make it through this and those friends that are true friends will always be there, wherever you are :)

  8. I just tried to leave this comment and when I typed the word verification I got an error and no way to go back to what I had typed. Grrrrrrrrrrrr goes again.
    You should be very proud that you have obviously done such a good job that those above you and who work for you are all sorry to see you go. Congratulations. Sounds like some love all around to me.

  9. remember this is what you both have wanted for so long!!..soon all those feelings will be gone and the big smiles will be there instead!!!..the smell of freedom!!!

  10. Most of the people I worked with for years were all retiring about the same time I did so it wasn't as hard for me to say goodbye. And besides that I see them every summer anyhow. But it was still emotionally draining. Starting out on a brand new adventure, I couldn't decide if I wanted to be excited or just cry. Then I met people like Jeri and Terry. So made it worth while. Wouldn't change a thing.

  11. Change is difficult, even good change. I am sure the people who work for you are happy for you, but sad for themselves. I know we are happy that you are getting the opportunity to live your dream!!

    Enjoy the journey...

  12. I guess that's the advantage we have over others -- no immediate family or long-term friends to say goodbye to when we go on the road. They're all in far flung places :-))) I'm not saying it's not going to be emotional when our time comes, but it will be easier.

  13. Not goodbye just see ya later.

  14. I do now how the emotions can be. You'll get through them, and have different emotions when you pull away!!

  15. It is always hard to leave your work family and it sounds like you were a wonderful Supervisor. You are going to be so busy with your family and your new RV family it will take some of the heartache away. I for one can hardly wait to meet you two in person. I must say I got a little teary eyed just reading your post.

    Take Care

  16. Soon you will be looking back at these days and smiling, knowing that what lies ahead is so much more exciting, important and satisfying!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  17. it definitely is hard to say goodbye to work and your was very emotional for us in June when we decided to retire..even tho we knew it was coming it sure didn't make it any easier..our staff cried but wished us someone else said..better they feel this way than cheer us out the door...thankfully for cyberspace we can still keep in touch with everyone..
    good luck with the sale and the planning!!

  18. These are all good emotions, but in a few months, it'll be in the past. I know it's hard to say goodbye to some aspects of a career, but the payoff is so nice.