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Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm going to be in trouble again...

Yep.  Marti says I do too many historical posts, but here I go again!  (Slow Learner).

You enter the large parking lot, with plenty of room for even a large RV, and you see this funny looking building.  What is it?

You get closer and here's the answer.

It's located in Northern Virginia about 30 miles west of Washington, DC next to Dulles Airport.  It is easy to get to, all highway driving.  You pay an entrance fee of $15 per vehicle and plan to have a great time. 

They have an even bigger collection of historic aircraft and memorabilia than the Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC.  Unlike that museum, this one is not anywhere near as crowded and has plenty of facilities (rest rooms) as well as an IMAX theater, a book store and it's own McDonald's located inside.

So let me tease you with this picture of just a few of the aircraft.


I think you can guess by now this will be a multiple day post.

Let's start with some of the early aircraft of World War I vintage.

This is a WWI Nieuport Fighter in a U.S. color scheme of the "Hat in the Ring" Squadron.

How about this early French bomber?  A Caudron G4.

Brave men flew this aircraft, held together by bailing wire.  Sort of similar construction as some RV manufacturers. ;o)

Next Smithsonian Air and Space Museum post will look at some World War II aircraft including one very famous plane.

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  1. Would have been fun for Marti to jump in one of the planes and take off with Paul chasing after her :)


  2. Don't let Marti give you too hard of a time. I enjoyed your recent posts about the Marine Museum near Quantico. We have driven by there a few times on I95 and thought the building was an interesting landmark.


  3. I want to go to the Smithsonian too! I like your post. The Camp Host Housewife

  4. Now, now - just simmer down. I don't have an issue with posting about museums, etc.. but so many days..... ah never mind. Love you, Paul. *SWAK*