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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Is it wrong to Hug your Motorhome?

Today we took a little spin up to Harmony, PA, Marti, Zoe and I.  We drove the Element to pickup the Journey.  Our son-in-law Brian was using it to live in for the past two and a half months while undergoing training for his new job.  He finished yesterday and left for his new home in South Carolina.  Heather, Andrew and Owie are happy to have him home for good.

We arrived at the Indian Brave Campground and checked in, then drove over to site 14 and there it was.  Marti said she wanted to get a picture of me and the Journey.  It was hard not to give it a hug, but I resisted...for a little while, anyway. ;c)

We certainly do enjoy the Journey, but were so glad to help Brian and Heather out in their job and moving transition by making it available for his use.  He did good and now he's fully trained in all aspects of the Journey's systems, so he can do all the hookups and driving on our next annual trip to Disney World.

So for today's post, I thought I'd show the interior of the Journey, I certainly have posted enough pictures of the outside.

Here is the driver's position.  I tried to get Zoe in the picture, but as usual, she was camera shy and turned as I snapped the shutter to show her best side.

Up front is the TV, we have a King Dome in-motion satellite dish on the roof.  Great for our trips with the grand kids.

Right behind the driver's seat is the Rest Easy Sofa.  Marti and I often sleep here when we're traveling with other family members.  It is leather covered, we wouldn't have chosen this option, but the Journey came through with it.  We find the leather to be a little cool and slippery with the sleeping bags.  But it is soft and comfortable.

Opposite the leather sofa is this jacknife sofa.  It can sleep two adults and has alot of storage underneath.  We wish this fabric was also on the leather sofa.

Looking aft (towards the back for you landlubbers) you can see the width of the living area with the two opposing slides open.  When the slides are in, the couches come to about the width of the door, plenty of room to walk around.

The kitchen counter, with Marti's coffee pot under the cabinet and the microwave/convection oven over the stove top.

The table, with storage under each seat.  It folds down into a bed and can sleep two kids or one adult.

We really like the four door Norcold refrigerator, it has metal sides that are magnetic, so we can stick magnets and pictures on it.

It has an ice maker and plenty of room for Marti's coffee.

As well as room for my Diet Cokes.

We have a six drawer dresser and lots of cabinet space in the back, as well as a washer/dryer in the cabinet under the TV set.

A full queen Rest Easy air bed and a full closet that extends almost the whole width of the bedroom.  We're not crazy about the air mattress and feel it's not very comfortable.  If and when it fails, we'll replace it with a good quality standard mattress.  We didn't order it, it came with the Journey in a special package.

The shower is large and roomy.

The powder room with the toilet and sink.

So that's the nickle tour of the Journey's interior, it's comfortable for just the two of us or a whole gang.  Now you know why I had to give it a hug. ;c)

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  1. Nice motorhome! It looks very comfortable! I can see why you wanted to hug it. Hey there's a stove there to cook those parsley muffins! Yum. Can't wait. I'll get the shipping address to you for the overnight delivery soon!

  2. Ohh thanks for the tour!

    Plus- I LOVE LOVE LOVE your front draw drapes~! Our Coachmen had them like that, the corrugated kinda pleated kind. Our Safari has regular fabric that I find wrinkly and not "neat" after being crammed back each time for driving. I am going to replace ours sometime soon with the pleated corrugated ones like yours.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard