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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

No Tickee, No Shirtee

Traveling the country brings enjoyable views of all kinds of scenery, mountains, lakes, oceans, desert and more.  We love to enjoy (and often photograph) the view from the large windshield in our Journey.

When we stop for the night or find ourselves in a campground, no matter how good the view, we like our privacy, too.  Our Journey has nice pleated shades that draw across the windshield and make the inside cozy and warm.

Plus, nobody gets to see me in my Sponge Bob jammies...except Marti.

When we're ready to take off the next morning, the pleated shades part in the middle and fold back on each side nice and neat.

The downside is after a while, with the sun beating down on the shades and temperature and humidity changes, the pleats begin to loose their shape and stiffness and become very hard to fold away.

What should you do?  Take down the shades and iron the pleats back in?  Or buy new ones?  Naw, there is a very simple, cheap and easy solution.

Taking a clue from my local dry cleaning shop who does my shirts with extra starch, I bought this.

Every once and a while, when the shades start droop I give them a quick heavy spray of starch and let dry.  It doesn't matter whether the shades are left open or folded back after starching, when the starch dries, the pleats are again stiff as a Marine standing at attention.

Quick, easy and cheap.  A perfect solution for a lazy owner (who, me???). ;c)

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  1. We love to read blogs about rv'ers ..We are going fulltime in 2011 and hope to see ya on the road
    wayne and maureen

  2. AND they make them smell real fresh too...right? So that means you never have to wash them. Perfect for us lazy folks!

  3. Great idea! I'll have to file that away for the future!

  4. what a great hint!!! are not lazy..just smart!!!.and could always get those expensive shades the ones that all the fancy buses have?? know the ones??? shades!!.I would stick with the starch though!

  5. I like those shades! Remember when RV's use to have mini-blinds? I liked those mini-blinds.

  6. Sue and Doug - yeah we remember mcd shades - too expensive for us. Levonne, I do remember mini blinds, we have them in our bathroom. I just dont' like dusting/cleaning them! Nellie, yup -the shades smell good, too. Double win! ~Marti