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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Some days are a little quiet.

Once and a while, not much happens in life.  Today is one of those days. 

My big excitement was meeting the "Wandering Wishnies", a neat fulltime RV couple whose blog I've been following since they hit the road a number of years ago.  Their blog is here.

They are camp hosting in the Prince William Forest Park for the month of July.  When I read that on their blog I sent them an e-mail, I wanted to meet them and talk "RV".

The fun started when I tried to find where they were located in the park.  I thought I knew the Prince William Forest Park pretty well as we live close by.  After driving around in circles for a while, I found a map of the park and saw I had passed by them several times.  Duh!

I finally found their "secret" location and had a nice chat with them and made plans for dinner on the weekend with them.  Little do they know Marti and I will be picking their brains for fulltiming tips.

We're looking forward to the fun (and dinner).  :c)

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  1. Have fun with the "Wandering Wishnies"! Take care, The Camp Host Housewife